ABC News laments, fewer people are paying prostitutes for sex because of coronavirus

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ABC News has highlighted the difficulties of prostitution during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Australian taxpayer-funded organisation, fewer men are wanting to have sex with prostitutes due to heightened health concerns and/or a loss of income.

One “sex worker” who spoke with the ABC said half her clients cancelled appointments in just one day.

“There’s no stimulus package available,” she said. “We don’t have sick pay, we don’t have annual leave. We can’t get income protection insurance. Like many individual business owners, there’s no stimulus for us.”

The ABC also spoke to Sex Industry Network general manager Kat Morrison, who said, “Sex workers are mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters, uncles. We are members of the community just like anybody else.

“We have bills, we have rent to pay, we need to make an income,” she added.

Despite the “fear and uncertainty,” Ms Morrison assured ABC news that the industry would bounce back.

But in this age of fear and uncertainty, one more thing remains sure, the ABC will do its finest to annually burn over a billion dollars reporting on garbage like this, and guess who’s picking up the bill? Australian taxpayers, many of whom are currently preparing for potential loss of work and income themselves.

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