Abortion State

This is how you say “abortion” in sign language and it’s heartbreaking

Pro-abortionists have spent a great deal of time and energy ensuring the language used when referencing abortion veils the real horrors of the practice.

Euphemisms are employed to dehumanize the unborn and to make the procedure seem more like a health issue than the killing of a human life.

The pro-choice movement presents itself as a champion of women’s rights, while any opposition is dismissed as anti-women, backward, and oppressive.

We who value life need to make sure we’re not adopting the doublespeak and euphemistic language of those who want to redefine human life and what constitutes as murder in the eyes of God.

While such euphemisms are used to veil the brutality that is abortion, the sad reality of the practice is summed up by the simple hand motions used to communicate “abortion” in Sign Language: Rocking your baby, then throwing it in the trash.


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