Are Communists More Welcome Than Christians in Today’s Australia?

“It is no longer normal and acceptable to hold mainstream Christian religious beliefs and doing so is now a disqualifier from holding any prominent public position in corporate Australia.”

In response to the recent controversy caused by the forced resignation of Essendon FC CEO Andrew Thorburn an activist from Australia’s largest Marxist group Socialist Alternative made a post to the Facebook page of one of their front groups “Equal Love Brisbane”:

Bye bye to bigots!

Andrew Thorburn’s swift exit from the Essendon CEO position shows that attitudes towards LGBTIQ people have progressed so that it’s no longer normal and acceptable to hold queerphobic beliefs in a public-facing, prominent role representing a football club.

This is a step forward – it would be difficult to think of spaces that would more glorify machoness than competitive, elite men’s sport. We know sporting spaces are still not completely welcoming and inclusive; there still aren’t many out gay and/or trans sportspeople in Australia.

Make no mistake, Thorburn wasn’t “canceled” for his Christianity, but his attachment to bigotry and hatred. Good riddance to him!

The rightwing religious zealots are trying to whip up a culture war around “religious freedom” to push back against LGBTIQ+ rights. We won’t let them win, we will fight the #religiousdiscriminationbill and any more attempts to embolden bigots!

The post is instructive primarily because the author is partially right (broken clocks, etc). It is no longer normal and acceptable to hold mainstream Christian religious beliefs and doing so is now a disqualifier from holding any prominent public position in corporate Australia.

It’s also funny that the unnamed author still sees this as not going far enough. Sports are still icky and too “macho” and no where near gay enough. The AFL can hold “pride” games with rainbows plastered all over uniforms and even change their logo to support gay marriage but it’s still never enough.

Sucking up to the weird kids who never liked going outside during lunchtime at high school never works, they want revenge for feeling awkward and inadequate back then and they damn well intend to take it out on everyone normal for the rest of their miserable lives.

For those uncertain if “Equal Love Brisbane” actually is a communist front group I’ll just direct you to their media spokespeople: Jessica Payne of Socialist Alternative, Kat Henderson of Socialist Alternative, and Sel Dowd of Socialist Alternative.

The nature of the group isn’t a secret from anyone involved in the Brisbane political scene, and especially not to anyone with any knowledge of student politics (which includes most journalists, political staffers and younger politicians).

Yet this Marxist group has members who are professors at half a dozen major universities and holds protests where mainstream political figures feel comfortable standing alongside them.

In July this year, the Marxists organised a pro-abortion protest where speakers including the Greens MP for South Brisbane Amy MacMahon, the assistant secretary of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) Jacqueline King, and the acting secretary of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union Kate Veach. All three spoke alongside Priya De, a Socialist Alternative activist who was openly advertised as such.

So the answer to the question is a resounding and definite “yes”. Open communists are more welcome than believing Christians to those who rule and control Australia today. The vile ideology of communism which was almost banned by referendum in 1951 (what a mistake we made then) has not only won the long march through the universities but has so purged them of conservatives that entire generations of our nation’s elite have now been educated in the red-tinged hatred for God so characteristic of that blood-soaked creed.

This country was founded by Christians, was built by Christians, and with God’s help will be a Christian country again. But in order for that to happen Australian Christians have to face up to what we’ve lost, figure out how we lost it, and begin to fight every day to get it back.

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