Australian Labor Senator Katy Gallagher accuses colleague Senator Mitch Fifield of “Mansplaining.” She was not at all prepared for his response.

I just find it extraordinary, Senator–I just find it extraordinary that you, or any Senator at this table would seek to invoke gender in impugning how a Senator is responding. “Mansplaining.” Let the record show that Senator Gallagher thinks it’s appropriate to refer to a Senator as “Mansplaining”…

Take a good look at yourself. I mean, sitting here and saying to a male Senator, “You’re Mansplaining” — If I said to a female Senator, “You are Womansplaining” there would be uproar. Stop being a hypocrite! Conduct yourself appropriately for this place… Hypocrisy, thy name is Labor! Thy name is Senator Gallagher.

Via: Verum Media