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A nation divided cannot stand

Winston Churchill once said, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” Any comfort that thought may bring cannot last long for Westerners. Outside, there are no shortage of enemies, but inside, it’s more evident each day that there is no shortage of those who wish to destabilise national unity.

Today, much of Western culture operates according to the ideology of Social or Cultural Marxism. The philosophy of Marxism is inherently divisive, and the form in which it is popularly expressed today is certainly no exception.

Also known as Political Correctness and Multiculturalism, this ideology can only succeed by dividing people into competing categories based on their ethnicity, gender, sexuality, income, or religion. One of the troubling aspects of Cultural Marxism is, not only the damage caused by spreading the philosophy, but the inevitable destruction that will follow it’s wider acceptance.

A nation divided cannot stand, just as Jesus warned in Matthew 12:25. The current decline of Europe is proof enough for that, where we find multiple nations divided on the inside according to race and religion. Healthy debate is no longer an option, with many opponents effectively silenced by the never ending charge of ‘hate,’ bigotry,’ or ‘intolerance.’

Similarly in Australia, the Same-Sex Marriage survey split the country on the basis of sexuality and religion, resulting in no shortage of physical and verbal abuse. Public debate often sparked a response of anger and outrage. More recent debates concerning the date of Australia Day are now set to divide the nation again, but this time on the basis of race and ethnicity. Just as those who wanted to preserve traditional marriage were branded “homophobic bigots,” so too many who wish to preserve Australia Day are being labeled “racist bigots.”

During last years “Invasion Day Rally,” one activist is heard stating: “We are still, still, still prisoners of war – 229 years of terrorism on our shores.” And who are the terrorists currently at war with the Aboriginal people? Look at the colour of your skin, it may be you.

In contrast to the divisive rhetoric of those who wish to divide Australia, Jacinta Price, Alice Springs Councillor, has said:

Australia Day is under serious threat. Changing Australia Day doesn’t change the lives of aboriginal people in remote communities. We have to come together as a nation to solve these critical issues, and do it pro-actively.

The clip below is Mark Latham’s latest Save Australia Day video:

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