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Muslim protester warns, Sharia Law is coming and if that bothers Western nations, they should stop allowing us into their countries

A protester at the Toronto Al Quds Day rally has said at some point, Sharia Law will replace Canadian Law because “we have families, we are making babies, you’re not.”

“Your population is going down the slump,” the protester told David Menzies of Rebel Media. “By 2060, according to Pew Research Institute, your research, by 2060 Muslims will be the biggest religious group the world over. What are you going to do then?”

The protester went on to say, “Go to your queen and tell her to change the laws to not allow any more Muslims to come to Canada if you are bothered by Muslims.

“We own our allegiance first and foremost to our religion, not to the Queen,” he added. “When I went for my oath, I sat silent. I didn’t say anything. It was your responsibility to make sure you got it out of me. So… I’m not liable to anything.”


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