Lawyers Fear Californian Trans Bill Could Enable Kidnappers and Predators

“Effectively, the state of California would be able to deny a parent’s rights by stopping a concerned father or mother from contacting, speaking to, or intervening in their alleged ‘trans’ child’s ‘gender reassignment’ surgery.”

Democrat-run California has tabled legislation that will allegedly create a “refuge” for what leftist bureaucrats are calling “gender-affirming healthcare.”

Under the guise of healthcare, senate bill – designated ‘SB 107’ – would potentially allow “transgender clinics” to process a child without the consent, legal dissent, or knowledge of parents.

The bill was introduced by San Francisco senator, Scott Wiener, and co-authored by ten other sitting members.

SB 107 is considered to be a counter-move to increasing pro-child and parental rights legislation from states like Florida, Texas and Alabama.

The three rogue “not-woke” states have either restricted or outrightly banned, the practice of chemical castration and genital mutilation of so-called “trans” children under the age of 18.

According to the bill, ‘a health care provider, a health care service plan, or a contractor’ would be prohibited from releasing medical information for a child to ‘out-of-state law enforcement based on another state’s law.’

Wiener’s bill will effectively protect a medical practice many consider to be child abuse, by ‘prohibiting the extradition of an individual charged with violating another state’s law, that criminalizes allowing a person to receive, or provide,’ the invasive, and irreversible medical procedures.

Clause 2 of the legislation builds on existing law, which permits the state to assume ‘custody’ of the child.

The state would do so via what is considered ‘specified circumstances,’ allowing the state ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ over the alleged ‘trans’ child.

As part of this, SB 107 would expand existing law to ‘prohibit the enforcement of an order from another state authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that parent or guardian allowing their child to receive’ the questionable practice.

Effectively, the state of California would be able to deny a parent’s rights, by stopping a concerned father or mother from contacting, speaking to, or intervening in their alleged “trans” child’s “gender reassignment” surgery.

The bill also interferes with existing extradition and kidnapping laws, which could make Wiener’s proposed Californian refuge for ‘gender affirming healthcare’, a sanctuary for criminals and kidnappers.

For instance, in their “hell no” to Senator Wiener’s bill, California Family Council stated: “Courts would also be instructed to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

Backing this, Matthew Reynolds, from the Pacific Justice Institute, explained: “[SB 107] will welcome and protect kidnappers—including parents who have been adjudicated as unstable and unfit to care for their children—as long as the adult absconding with the child says they are doing so to put the child into gender-hormone therapy or some other Orwellian gender-affirming care.”

In his legal analysis, Reynolds condemned the bill, declaring: “SB 107 proposes to condone the taking of children from other states in violation of court orders […] This provision creates an exception to kidnapping laws that is beyond the pale even in progressive California. In its overzealousness to punish states like Texas, this Bill will instead empower predators.”

Reynold’s concluding remarks described SB 107 as being ‘the most brazen assault on fundamental parental rights in the history of [California].’

Supporting Senator Wiener’s genital removal bill, San Jose-based, Mercury News, countered concerns, painting a picture of kids being denied surgery, and life-altering puberty blockers as trans refugees fleeing persecution.

In an apparent lament of ‘Alabama law requiring school counselors, nurses, and others to notify parents if a child discloses that they may be transgender,’ the article’s author backed the Wiener bill.

Quoting Weiner’s defence of his trans conversion therapy bill, Mercury News recounted the Senator stating: “When our LGBTQ kids’ lives are on the line, we must not stand back and play defence. It’s time to go on offense and ensure’ every kid has access to [#loveislove] “lifesaving care.”

Fierce debate over SB 107 partners with criticisms from former 2020 Democrat candidate, Tulsi Gabbard.

The centre-left star charged into the debate about puberty blockers after the FDA warned against serious side effects

Gabbard publicly criticised the Biden/Harris administration’s promotion of the hormone treatments, accusing the woke White House of “dangerously promoting child abuse.”

Also bearing its long shadow over Scott Wiener’s SB 701 bill is news the United Kingdom’s National Health Service has closed its biggest “transgender clinics” at Tavistock and Portman.

The closures follow recommendations of an independent review, and whistle-blower concerns that ‘some patients were referred on to a gender transitioning pathway too quickly.’


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