In the #MeToo era, why are women being forced to share bathrooms with men?

Kaeley Triller, co-founder of Hands Across the Aisle said: “We’ve got this big national push to end rape culture, to prevent sexual crimes against women, and a very large portion of that is knowing how predators operate.

“These policies were only in place for less than a month in Washington State before somebody actually went in to a women’s locker room while teenage girls were getting ready for swim team and went in there an determined that he was allowed to be in there. He presented as a male, he didn’t look like a female, he didn’t even pretend to look like he was a female.

“But he went in there and they asked him to leave and he said that he had a right to be there and nobody could prove that he didn’t and so the message that sends really loud and clear to those teenage girls is that that’s okay, and that a grown man can come and watch them shower and we’re not going to do anything about that because he feels like he’s a female.”

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