Freedom Rally Protests Continue as Even Stronger Crowds Fill Australian Streets With the Voice of Dissent

“No jab, no job,” is the equivalent of “any dissent against the state, equals no food for you and your kid’s plate.”

Peaceful protesters filled Australian regions and metropolitan areas again on Saturday.

The second Millions March in the defence of informed consent, bodily autonomy, God-given rights, and liberty, saw numbers above those of previous rallies.

Cities boasted the biggest contingent of voters, with a growing number of smaller regional freedom rallies taking those overall numbers even higher.

Participants were, once again, given strict instructions not to engage with hostile provocateurs, and morose hecklers.

The local march I participated in for the third time was a reminder of the commendable level of restraint being practised by protesters.

A young, obese woman sat on the sideline yelling “double-vaxxed” and I witnessed one grey-bearded passer-by call young protesters holding “End the Mandates” signs, “morons.”

Despite the name-calling and “get vaxxed and get back to work” repetitive jeering from one onlooker, protesters stayed the course.

Their restraint deserves special applause because many of them are tired, have been fired, are hurting and fed-up (or have family who have been and are in this boat).

The last thing these victims of totalitarianism need is militant propagandised pawns provoking them.

My own father-in-law was fired this week for refusing, with good reason, to comply with the Australian Governments’ “no jab, no job” unconstitutional civic conscription.

For those looking to massage the leftist buzzwords, these protests are diverse.

A range of speakers talked to an ethnically diverse crowd.

One local Pastor, and father of five, spoke about how his family has been hit hard by the mandates. He then gave more examples from people coming to him for help.

He told of how the Victorian government threatened a nurse “with an investigation for gross misconduct” after refusing the vaccine because of how many adverse reactions she was witnessing in patients.

Then added:

You can join the dots all the way back to our Prime Minister, who happens to be a so-called Christian; who said that we don’t have mandated vaccines in this country, but we will destroy you if you don’t comply.

The pastor spoke of people who were suffering from “vaccine” related injuries, telling the crowd:

Shame on everybody who has stood with this! Shame of on our Prime Minister! Shame on all these premiers who won’t give people the choice!

In Sydney, Caldron Pool’s Evelyn Rae stated:

When a State is not restrained by a law greater than itself, it will become a law unto itself. While ever there is no throne above the government, they will assume the highest authority over us. The greatest threat to tyranny is a group of people who pledge their allegiance to someone higher than the government.

Rae asserted:

Today we need to remind our politicians that we are not their property. We are not the property of the state. That God, not the government owns us. That Christ, not Ceasar owns the people.

Admonishing the sloth, timorous and aloof behaviour of most senior Christian leaders, who refuse to acknowledge the dangerous precedents being set by COVID-19 mandates, Caldron Pool Editor, Ben Davis wrote:

God sent a woman and an airline pilot to proclaim Christ as King to 150,000+ people in Sydney yesterday because our terrified “pastors” are busy trying to convince their congregations that segregation is actually a virtue after all.

In Maitland, Caldron Pool contributor and Pastor Bob Cotton (OAM) of Maitland Christian Church, spoke out about the same infuriating silence, stating:

Today I clearly want to say to you that our government has betrayed us. Our government has turned their back on us and to their shame, so have our Church leaders. Where are our senior church leaders? Where are our Bishops? Where are our executive leaders? They’re not with you, I can tell you that now! If they were with you, they’d be standing against mandatory vaccination, the violation of the conscience…

He then condemned segregation, saying:

Christians should no longer attend churches where vaccination policies are being pushed. Christian should no longer financially support churches that are standing with the government, and who are in lockstep with mandatory vaccinations.

Cotton, a well-recognised advocate for child protection, captioned the Facebook video, “We are called to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Prov 31:8-9) and these rallies provide a perfect opportunity if you want to play a part in protecting the future for our children.”

It’s these smaller regional demonstrations politicians should be taking a closer look at.

Legacy media also appear to have shown no real interest in reporting the actual numbers or taking note of the rise in regional protests throughout their national coverage.

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast reported between 10-13,000, while many in New South Wales turned out despite cooler temperatures, rain, wind, and heavy, grey skies.

Port Macquarie News gave a fair local report, but cited New South Wales police claiming ‘about 10,000 protesters marched through Sydney, while smaller demonstrations also took place at Newtown and Newcastle.’

This looked like a repeat of the Sydney Morning Herald’s bizarre claims that only 10,000 attended the previous protest, which was contradicted by photographs and aerial footage.

According to New Ark films, Sydney’s numbers for the 27th were in the “hundreds of thousands”

If politicians are quick to follow legacy media by underestimating the significance of these smaller demonstrations, they do so at a great political cost.

The protests continue to prove that the government is losing the goodwill of the governed. This has strong implications for any politician looking for re-election.

A warning alluded to by LNP senator, Gerard Rennick:

You’d think with rallies this big; our nation’s leaders would sit up and listen. Australians have had a gutful of government overreach by the Premiers. There is only one person in the country who has the power to stop them. Over to you Prime Minister.

The crowds are as strong. So is the dissent. They need to be.

“No jab, no job,” is the equivalent of “any dissent against the state, equals no food for you and your kid’s plate.”

Echoed here are the grotesque consequences of Stalin’s vicious mandates, which locked down Ukraine and triggered the genocide known as ‘Holodomor.’

Examples from Israel, Austria, and Ireland already testify to the reality of how our God-given freedoms are fast becoming “privileges” granted to a prisoner population by a Prison Warden State.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Government as God, is government gone wrong.

The underpinning point of Paul’s words in Romans 13 is that power is on loan to Governments from God.

Governments who step outside this covenant by abusing their power, pervert their vocation and follow a path of inevitable corruption.

This is a time for choosing.

More freedom rally protests are planned for Sunday, December 12.

Consider finding a peaceful protest close to you and participating.

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