Hollywoke Hypocrites Tell Chinese and Muslim Critics of Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Film Their “Beliefs Are Backward”

“The blatant disregard for their own politically correct caste etiquette is a new low for Hollywoke hypocrisy and arrogance.”

Socio-political critics of Pixar’s progressive flop, ‘Lightyear’ have been mocked as 14 countries banned the “kids animated film” for its homoeroticism.

The United Arab Emirates and other majority-Muslim countries have either banned or halted distribution of the film, protesting ‘Lightyear’s’ LGBTQ+ promotional content.

The children’s film promotes same-sex “marriage” and contains a “brief” scene where the two “married” female characters kiss one another.

Indonesia’s chairman of the Film Censorship Institute, Rommy Fibri Hardiyanto, told the New York Times that the scene potentially violates a law that prohibits movies showing “deviant sexual behaviour.”

Talking with The Jakarta Post, Hardiyanto said officials were encouraging filmmakers to “think about their audience in Indonesia where an LGBT kissing scene is still considered sensitive.”

Chinese law also means the ‘Lightyear’ LGBTQ+ will be kept lightyears away from impressionable audiences.

Calling the Chinese market “irrelevant”, Vice recounted a 2016 CCP law prohibiting ‘any depiction of homosexual relationships on the silver screen and television.’

Despite the film’s embarrassing financial losses, and damaged market relations, instead of working with those concerns, ‘Lightyear’s’ filmmakers chose to belittle the film’s critics instead.

In what would be considered “racist” or “Islamophobic” by Leftist stands, had anyone other than a Leftist said it, Producer, Galyn Susman, stated:

“We had been warned this would be a likely outcome. We weren’t going to change the movie we wanted to make just because of a few countries with — for a lack of a better term — backward beliefs.”

Similarly, Leftist actorvist, Chris Evans – who replaced the irreplaceable Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear; for what appears to be political reasons – called those opting out of having the LGBTQ+ political religion shoved down their children’s throats, “idiots.”

The blatant disregard for their own politically correct caste etiquette is a new low for Hollywoke hypocrisy and arrogance.

So is the contempt most of Tinsel Town’s filmmakers have for the intelligence of their audience base.

An attitude well illustrated by Evans calling ‘Lightyear’s’ critics, “idiots,” and Susman labelling them “backwards.”

To add, Hollywood’s loud contingent of voyeuristic filmmakers, who Weinsteined virtue for decades, are still putting their own pleasure, and politics before people.

Once again, the unrepentant “go woke, go broke,” woketocracy is putting power and politics before art, and hearty profits.

The New York Times, seeking comment from a very quiet Disney, rightly concluded, that the ‘international backlash against “Lightyear” is a fresh public relations headache for Disney.’

The besieged family-friendly entertainment giant is being slowly asphyxiated by the Cultural Marxist Charybdis.

This is in large part thanks to Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek’s, absolute, and unconditional surrender of the company to powerful minority lobbyists, who saw Disney’s support of Ron DeSantis as a betrayal.

The harassment of Chapek was triggered by the far-left’s reaction to Florida’s pro-parental rights legislation, which was misconstrued by the Left into the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Fallout over Pixar’s progressive flop is the first test for Disney, after the company publicly repented in March, vowing to be a “stronger LGBTQ+ ally.”

Living out their penance, Disney now has less room for neutral content, as well as an increasingly bigoted zero-tolerance for independent thought, and the company’s Conservative Christian employees.

Another ugly double standard: censorship is okay, but only when they hold the button, and even then, only on their terms.

It’s fair to ask why ‘Lightyear’s’ creators get a free ride, when their belittling of the film’s socio-political critics, are, by the Left’s standards to be rated, “Islamophobic” and “racist.”

Especially when it comes to the Leftist doctrines of inclusivity, multiculturalism, niceness, nuance, and “hate speech.”

It’s worth adding, Chris Evans replacing Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear was the first red flag.

That move wasn’t without its critics either, with ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ star, Patricia Heaton criticising Pixar on Twitter, for ‘completely castrating the iconic, and beloved character.’

In a corresponding tweet, still supportive of Allen’s Buzz, Heaton acknowledged the ‘origin’ story context of the animated film, ending her tweet with a question, and the hashtag: ‘Stupid Hollywood decisions.’

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