Hungarian PM to EU: The Rejection of Christianity Has Made Us Hedonistic Pagans

“The European Union rejects Christian heritage, it is managing population replacement through migration, and it is waging an LGBTQ offensive against family-friendly European nations,” Orban argued.

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, bucked official requests from Romanian authorities to self-censor during a recent speech to students in Bálványos.

Orban, a frequent guest speaker at the Hungarian/Romanian summer festival, told those gathered, he was sent a list of what he could say, and couldn’t say about migration, LGBTQism, and war.

Tongue-in-cheek, the PM quipped, “This is like communist time travel.

“These [subjects] don’t need to be presented in a bad light, they already present themselves in a bad light.”

Welcoming Romanians attending the Summer Camp, Orban said, if the Romanian President comes to Hungry, he wouldn’t find anyone “dictating to him what subjects he can talk about, and how he can talk about them.”

Moving on, and motioning towards the belligerent rise of China, and its quest to dethrone the United States, Orban spoke calmly about the dangerous slow walk towards another world war.

He said, a world “war was already in the making, but wasn’t inevitable.”

Qualifying his remarks, the Hungarian leader added, if a new equilibrium could be worked out, major military conflict can be avoided.

“The big boys” should pursue diplomacy, abandon ambitions for dominance, and “recognise each other as equals.”

Orban then ventured where he was told he shouldn’t.

Addressing E.U.’s migrant crisis, he said, “When in 2011 we created the new Constitution – a Hungarian, national, Christian constitution, different from other European constitutions – we did not make a bad decision.

“Since then, we have been beset by the migration crisis, which clearly cannot be dealt with on a liberal basis.”

Look at Germany, and France, he explained.

“Chancellor Merkel was confronted with the migrant invasion in 2015, and responded with a policy of ‘we can handle it.’”

Her progressive policies couldn’t handle it, and “the consequences of her decision [are now] transforming the entire culture of Germany.

“And then we have an LGBTQ, gender offensive, which it turns out can only be repelled on the basis of the community, and child protection.”

On this subject, Orban argued, “The European Union rejects Christian heritage, it is managing population replacement through migration, and it is waging an LGBTQ offensive against family-friendly European nations.”

He used the example of Lithuania, who, “under great pressure, withdrew, and annulled [2002] child protection laws,” preventing the sexualisation of children through LGBTQ propaganda.

“Europe today has created its own political class, which is no longer accountable, and no longer has any Christian or democratic convictions,” Orban told festival goers.

Thus, “we have to say that federalist governance in Europe has led to an unaccountable empire.”

In a bloc quote, Orban identified the cause of the downgrade as a 240-year-old fool’s attempt to replace Christianity with a promised Left-wing utopianism.

“Today,” he exclaimed, “we can see that it is pure illusion: by rejecting Christianity, we have in fact become hedonistic pagans. This is the reality!

“This is why, in my eyes, it was predestined that our 2011 Constitution was proclaimed at Easter, and its birth name is the Easter Constitution.”

Orban then asserted Hungary will be steadfast in challenging E.U. diktats on all three issues.

“We have no other choice. For all our love of Europe, for all that it is ours, we must fight.”

He then clarified the meaning of Hungary’s resistance to this new Left-wing authoritarianism, stating, “We do not want everyone to share the same faith, and we do not want everyone to have the same family life, or to celebrate the same public holidays.”

However, “we insist on having our common home, our common language, our common public sphere and our common culture, and that this is the basis for the security, freedom and prosperity of Hungarians.”

“This,” the Hungarian Prime Minister concluded, “must be protected at all costs.

“This is why we shall not compromise. We shall not back down.”

Considered the first Eastern European leader not to have been a communist under the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, Viktor Orban has served as Prime Minister twice.

In his younger years, the 60-year-old was the beneficiary of Hungarian-born George Soros, and his Open Society foundation.

According to the BBC, Orban, is now a political opponent of the left-wing oligarch, having clashed with Soros on issues such as responsible border control, war, and furthering the LGBTQ+ agenda.

To add, Hungary passed the “Stop Soros Act” in 2018 to protect its borders, stop people smuggling, and mitigate the migrant crisis.

The law was ridiculed by the E.U. and Hungary was threatened with “financial penalties if the country failed to amend the law without delay.”

Additionally, in 2021, Orban’s government grated many E.U. leaders, by writing pro-family, age-appropriate, child protection legislation into law.

Nicknamed by the Woke Wiki-media complex as “Hungary’s anti-LGBT law,’ the ‘stricter action against paedophilia” legalisation put an R18+ restriction on LGBTQ+ propaganda.

Section 6A of the law forbids pornographic material being made, “available to minors under the age of eighteen, as well as content that depicts sexuality for its own purposes, or that promotes or displays deviation from the self-identity corresponding to the sex at birth, gender reassignment, and homosexuality.”

The law’s stated purpose is to prevent sex trafficking, the over-sexualisation of children, and sexploitation.

Noteworthy: Orban’s government held a referendum in 2021, which saw a majority of those who voted – 3.2 million people – support the child protection law.

E.U. bureaucrats responded with sanctions and withheld funds designated to go to the country.

They argued that Orban was potentially corrupt, and viewed the 2021 action against paedophilia legislation as a ‘grotesque’ infringement on LGBTQ+ rights.

The E.U. contended that Hungary was guilty of breaching the Brussels-based, “rule of law.”

Firing back, Judit Varga, Hungary’s Justice Minister, said in April, “It was regrettable that leading European politicians had formed an opinion on the child protection law before engaging in meaningful dialogue on the matter with Hungary’s authorities.”

Varga added, “Forces that embraced ‘woke ideology’ had managed to convince 15 E.U. member states to join an ongoing lawsuit against Hungary over the child protection law.”

Contrary to the claims, she continued, Hungary has “solid legal arguments, which are based on the E.U.’s Fundamental Rights.” 

Considered far-right, Orban, the black sheep of the E.U. “family,” has been voted back into office four times.

The official English transcript of his speech can be found here, and the English version of the speech can be found here.

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