Heartless Bureaucrats Are Destroying Lives, Freedom, and Democracy

If these horror stories do not shock you, you may be part of the problem.

Every day we hear new horror stories of bureaucracy and political power running amok, with innocent people paying a heavy price as a result. We read of tyrants and petty dictators so drunk on power and control that they are making life hell for so many people.

Using the pretext of “keeping people safe” they have run roughshod over basic constitutional freedoms and rights and turned so many places into burgeoning police states and internment camps. Every time I hear another appalling story of heartless leaders, bureaucrats, premiers and governors trampling on the rights of the people, causing inestimable damage, I get very upset.

When families are split apart for indefinite periods of time because of utterly idiotic and senseless border closures and the like, it breaks my heart. A book could easily be penned featuring all these stories of loved ones separated from each other, with no certainty at all that they will be reunited any time soon.

We of course already know that the human cost of draconian and over-the-top lockdown policies is going through the roof: all the social pathologies are rising markedly: mental health problems, suicides, gambling addictions, alcoholism, drug abuse, and so on. Simply the huge spike in suicides should give us pause, and help us understand that the cure certainly has become far worse than the disease.

So let me share just a few of these utterly shocking stories of heartless miscreants so drunk on power and so obsessed with their own importance that tragedy after tragedy is occurring as a result.

Consider this recent story from New South Wales:

A heartbroken mother has been left unable to be with her son during his battle against leukaemia due to Queensland’s tough border rules. Keegan, 28, is in Brisbane preparing to undergo an aggressive form of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer this week. His mother, Kate, is desperate to be by his side but she lives in Narrabri, a small town in northern New South Wales. Because of Queensland’s tough border restrictions, she might miss out on seeing him during his time of need. 

‘My son is in hospital with leukemia that was diagnosed yesterday. As a mother I want to be with him,’ she told A Current Affair. ‘How would they like it if their child was in another state, just diagnosed with cancer and they could not be with him. It’s just cruel.’ Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk tightened the state’s border restrictions on August 8, shutting the border to all of New South Wales in an attempt to stem the spread of the deadly respiratory infection. 

Despite living in a small town 521 kilometres northwest of Sydney, Kate must still apply for exemption to cross the border and would have to quarantine for 14 days once she arrives. ‘What I find contradictory is that they may allow me over the border under compassionate grounds but then they’re going to imprison me in a hotel for 14 days when I can’t see my son,’ Kate said. Ms Palaszczuk has come under fire for her tough border rules, earning her the nickname ‘Comrade Anna’. But she has stood firm on her decision. 

And here is another such story:

A Victorian farmer who desperately needed to get 43 tonnes of hay over to his NSW farm to feed his livestock was told by authorities to “stick it on a plane” as stringent border measures continue to wreak havoc across the country. Farmer Chris Taylor told he has been trying to get across to his Euston farm for two weeks but was denied an agriculture permit due to living in central Victoria – about 230kms from the NSW border.

But Mr Taylor said he was left “dumbfounded” after a NSW department told him to take the 43 tonnes of hay to Melbourne and then fly it over to Sydney, where it would then sit in quarantine for 14 days. Only then, could the hay be transported to his farm on the NSW-Victoria border. “Who in their right mind is going to put 43 tonnes of hay on an aeroplane?” He told “It is the most ridiculous comment that can be said to someone. I sat back dumbfounded.”

The farmer posted a video on Facebook laughing in incredulity at the scenario advised to him by authorities. The video has since been viewed more than 240,000 times. “So 14 days later the sheep would get some feed and the hay would have a joy flight to Sydney and sit in quarantine. This is the mentality of people we are dealing with. Can someone please send me a quote on what 43 tonnes of hay would cost to fly from Melbourne to Sydney?” Mr Taylor later told he had received quotes of up to $500,000 to fly the hay, which weighs about seven times that of an elephant.

What complete and utter madness. Are these bureaucrats totally bereft of both brains and hearts? This should make all of you really upset. But let me offer you one more Australian story:

A Karratha family has been split in two after Western Australia’s border clampdown on travellers from Victoria left the parents stuck in Melbourne after attending a vigil. Ben Dunn, 39, travelled to Melbourne on Thursday with his partner and two of his children, aged three and 13, to farewell his mother who passed away in regional Victoria. His twins, Zane and Jylah, 11, stayed in Perth with relatives. Mr Dunn planned for the family to return to WA on Saturday and had been told by authorities they would be exempt from the hard border closure on compassionate grounds, but just hours into their short stay the rules changed, leaving them stranded.

Thankfully, only AFTER this story was published, the authorities backed down and the family was allowed to be reunited.

These things are not just happening in Australia of course. Sadly they are occurring in so many other places.

Consider this sad story from the U.S.:

A New York mother says she and her six kids were treated in an “inhumane” way after being tossed from a JetBlue flight because her two-year-old child kept pulling her mask off. “She was pulling it off, she had a pacifier in her mouth and they [flight attendants] saw it happening,” Chaya Bruck was reported by Fox News as saying about the incident, which took place on August 19 in Orlando, Florida. The incident left the mother and kids stranded in a Florida airport for more than five hours.

Bruck said she struggled to have her two-year-old child keep a mask on before the plane departed the gate. This resulted in flight attendants telling her that unless her child kept the mask on, she would be kicked off the flight along with everyone else. “The way they treated me and went about it is inhumane,” said Bruck in the Fox News report, adding that she was “targeted.” 

“My kids started crying. They got scared. They didn’t know what was going on. It was very traumatizing.” Bruck says she and her husband are looking into suing JetBlue because of the incident. A video of the event posted on Fox News shows a clip of the ordeal. In the background, voices can be heard by some passengers who appear to be defending Bruck, with one voice clearly saying, “She’s two years old, she’s two years old, it’s on your website.” Another voice also says, “Then why is it on your website?”

There are so many other stories just like this – and they all make my blood boil. Where is the justice? Where is the compassion? Where is the humanity? Where is the common sense? Cold-hearted bureaucrats and politicians do not seem to care about basic decency and kindness anymore. It is all about their diabolical power trips. If these things do not bother you, you may need to check your pulse.

Sure, I may be partial here. I have a son who has been stranded in Sydney for a while now, and the way things are going, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see him again. Our leaders keep insisting that lockdown measures will remain – if not become even more stringent – until this virus is eradicated, and/or a foolproof vaccine is discovered. Um, plenty of medical experts have warned that neither one of these things will likely happen. So it looks like we may all be stuck in concentration camps for life.

As one Australian mother said about the NSW case I presented above: “Because I have kids on both sides of the country, my annual leave each year alternates between Canberra and Perth. This year was to have been Canberra – had my flights all paid for but it didn’t happen – so now it’s more than 2 years since I have been able to hug my children in Canberra. But to be denied the right to be with a terminally ill child – I can’t imagine what that poor mother is going through – and her son.”

There would be many thousands of stories like this out there. But our mini-dictators do not seem to give a rip. I hope in future elections the people let their feelings be made known loud and clear on this. Indeed, I hope more and more folks speak out NOW before it gets to be too late to do so.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the rather clueless Christians out there who have fully backed these police state measures, while attacking people like me for daring to raise questions. I have actually had “Christian” leaders so paralysed by fear and panic-porn that they have attacked others for thinking freedom and human rights are actually important right now!

Good grief. No wonder so many people – even so many Christian leaders – did and said nothing when the Nazis consolidated power in the 1930s. It is for our “own good” after all. So we must simply trust and obey – the secular State. This IS how freedom ends and tyranny is established.

I for one will never embrace this.

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