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Greens Senator mocked around the world after saying COVID-19 hurts women most, despite 70% of deaths being men

A New South Wales Green Senator has been ridiculed around the world after claiming COVID-19 is a “gendered crisis” because of the “disproportionate risk” it poses to women.

Mehreen Faruqi, Australia’s first Muslim senator, made the comments yesterday, despite reports that coronavirus mortality rate is twice as high among men as it is among women.

“Let us not forget that COVID-19 is a gendered crisis,” Faruqi said. “Nurses, teachers, child care workers, and early childhood educators, aged care workers and cleaners are mostly women. They are on the frontline of this public health crisis and carry a disproportionate risk of being exposed to the virus.”

Faruqi continued, “Let’s also not forget that not all homes are safe places. Quarantine or self-isolation at home will put women and children at risk. Women’s advocates and domestic violence experts are warning that domestic abuse increased during times of crisis and I’m terribly worried that these warnings have not been heeded by this government…”

According to Italy’s public health research agency, men account for 60% of coronavirus cases in the country, and upwards of 70% of deaths. China’s Center for Disease Control suggested men are more likely to die of the virus, reporting that up to 64% of deaths in the country have been men.

Sabra Klein, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health told ABC News, “While we do not know the causes of increased mortality in men, we do know that being male, much like being older, is a risk factor for more severe outcomes from COVID-19.”

Rightly so, Faruqi was taken to task on Twitter:

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