Excess Deaths Persist: “Where Is the Outcry?”

“It’s the equivalent of a fully laden 747 crashing every week,” Kelly tweeted.

Retired nurse educator Dr John Campbell has slammed politicians and mainstream media outlets over their “deafening silence” and lack of concern about ongoing reports of excess deaths.

In a video shared with his 2.8 million YouTube followers over the weekend, Dr Campbell said elected representatives are failing the people by ignoring the crisis.

“Those democratically elected people that are there to represent us, look after our interests, are failing on a huge scale – it’s that simple – by not flagging this up, by not demanding explanations, and working out strategies to make sure these excess deaths stop as soon as possible,” he said.

Dr Campbell’s message was soon after shared on Twitter/X by former Australian MP Craig Kelly, who noted that Australia has had over 30,000 excess deaths from the beginning of 2022 to the end of April 2023.

“It’s the equivalent of a fully laden 747 crashing every week,” Kelly tweeted.

“It should be the number one issue in Australia today, but the media remain silent.”

Kelly speculated that the only reason why the media would continue to suppress any discussion on this matter is that “the most likely cause of this unprecedented and ongoing level of excess deaths was the panicked mass society-wide injection of a novel and experimental genetic substance which hadn’t undergo any carcinogenic testing and that had zero long term data.”

He added, “Given that the media, Labor and Liberal were the cheer-squads for mandating this substance to be injected into all Australians, they now can’t bring themselves to even consider it may be the cause of the shocking and unprecedented level of excess deaths – so the media continues to bury its head in the sand and refuses to report on it.”

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