Christians Continue to Gather As Massive Numbers of Canadian Police Fence off Pastor Coates’ Church

“There have also been unconfirmed reports posted to social media, noting that the same police-state crackdown isn’t being applied to Mosques…”

Rebel News has reported that police in Canada have rallied en masse to stop Christians from gathering at GraceLife Church, pastored by James Coates, who was arrested earlier in the year and spent 35 days in a maximum-security prison for opposing bureaucrats bullying citizens for political gain.

The authorities also barricaded the church with fences, closing off the private property so that no one could use it.

There have also been unconfirmed reports posted to social media, noting that the same police-state crackdown isn’t being applied to Mosques, with one Twitter user saying “Don’t forget, this isn’t happening at the mosques in Calgary.”

Rebel News’ Ezra Levant explained that “These are heavily-armed lockdown police in Edmonton, Canada. They operate out of a garrison they built at a church they seized because it wouldn’t close. FACT: These cops have set up latrines on the front steps of the church.”

Levant commented on the Church’s tenacity writing on Twitter, “Canada wouldn’t obey politicians and lock its doors. So they jailed the pastor for 35 days. The church still wouldn’t close. So police raided it, turned it into an armed garrison & occupied it. And still, the Christians come.”

Blaze Journalist at large, Elijah Schaffer said, “You cannot lock down Christianity.”

The crackdown brings to life the relevance of anti-Nazi theologian, Karl Barth’s resistance to Government assuming the role of God:

“We confuse men’s consciences if we don’t reject the view that God’s laws and the so-called ‘ten commandments’ of socialist morality have the same humanist ends in view.” (Karl Barth, Ten Articles on the Freedom and Service of the Church)

File under: Covid communism.

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