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WATCH: Tommy Robinson confronts thugs “purposefully” coughing and spitting on elderly couple during COVID-19 outbreak

Tommy Robinson has confronted a group of thugs “purposefully” coughing on and spitting at an elderly couple in the UK.

Robinson and his family were in their vehicle when he spotted the three youths abusing the older man and woman who were on their way to buy groceries.

According to the elderly male victim, the couple were walking down the street towards the store when the youths “purposely coughed” at them. The man said he called out to the three men, saying, “You can’t do that. That’s just not on.”

A female witness at the scene said the attackers were spitting and coughing into the elderly woman’s face when Robinson pulled up and said, “Boys, give it a rest! That’s disgusting behaviour!”

The witness went on to say, the three young men then approached Robinson’s car, and started yanking at his door handle. When Robinson emerged from his car, the thugs then slammed the door into him before kicking in the back of his vehicle.

Robinson’s children were in the car at the time and managed to capture much of the attack on video.

“There was a certain amount of abuse after that,” the male victim said. “Then [Tommy] got out [of] the car to challenge them and they actually upped the aggression and then got really foul… as you then started to drive, they started kicking the back of the car.”

Soon after police arrived at the scene and accused Robinson of “overstepping the line.”

Robinson later said, “Bearing in mind the risk to old people with this disease [coronavirus], death, with this disease, what sort of youths think it’s acceptable to cough purposefully and aggressively in their face…

“I won’t drive past an old person being abused by some scumbags,” he added.

WATCH (Language Warning):

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