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Customer orders Christian t-shirt, Vistaprint CHANGES the design to say: “Gay and Proud”

As you walk through the city streets it isn’t uncommon to see people wearing a variety of shirts that seek to promote their particular cause or brand; perhaps it is a shirt advertising a political party, a charitable cause, or a religious belief. We live in a society that allows us the freedom to wear what we want (as long as it is decent) and to promote views that we hold dear.

Operation 513, a Christian ministry based in Brisbane, but with outreaches throughout Australia, UK and New Zealand, recently produced a t-shirt that sought to promote the Christian message and make people think. There is nothing alarming or concerning about that, as I am sure we have all seen people wearing shirts with Jesus slogans on them before.

However, this shirt seems to have suffered some kind of possible Christophobic sabotage. All of the shirts sold by Operation 513 are printed by Vistaprint, yet something went terribly wrong with at least one of the shirts produced.

On the back of the t-shirt, where there is supposed to be a message and link to, another slogan has appeared, one that seems so out of place and causes us to wonder if it was deliberately placed there. What is the new slogan, you ask?

“Gay and Proud.”

Now, I am no literary expert, but I struggle to see how a Christian message can accidentally be replaced by a slogan of a group that is known for its anti-Christian agenda. Call me sceptical, but this seems too precise to be merely an accident.

Is it possible that a disgruntled employee who harbours Christophobia put the message on the t-shirt, or is it something much deeper?

Operation 513 has reached out to Vistaprint to explain via their online chat system. A representative from Vistaprint has admitted that “this was a really inappropriate thing to add to the back of your customer’s shirt.” It seems like this wasn’t a mistake after all. Vistaprint has since apologised for the “Gay and Proud” t-shirt.

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