The West is doomed: “My dog is just as important as your kid”

Last year posted an absurd article titled, My dog is just as important as your kid. The piece contains some real zingers, like:

If there was a fire and I had to choose between saving my dog or your son, I’d save my dog.

I’ve had people tsk-tsk me, giving me crap for paying for doggie daycare one day a week…

So why the hell are dog owners treated like second-rate citizens in this so-called pet-loving country of ours? Our puppers aren’t allowed in so many places, like on public transport, even though the ratio of well-behaved and clean dogs to not are probably higher than well-behaved and clean kids to not.

I take it as an attempt at humour, but sadly, it’s becoming a common way of thinking. According to Dennis Prager, “over the course of 30 years of asking high school and college students if they would first try to save their dog or a stranger, 2/3 have always voted against the person… And many adults now vote similarly.” Why?

Prager offers two reasons: First, with the rejection of the Bible, people increasingly make moral decisions based on how they feel. Since generally people feel more for their dog than a stranger, most choose to save the dog. And second, once you get rid of Judeo-Christian values, there’s no reason for elevating human worth over that of an animal.

Lauren Southern has shared a video revealing how far the West has strayed from the idea of a traditional relationship. Southern took the the streets of London and asked two questions in particular: First, would you rather have a child or a dog? And second, would you rather marriage or Netflix? The answers are obvious, right?

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