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Defence secretary says, men can wear make up in the army, as long as it’s camouflage paint

The Sun reported last week that UK Army chiefs will reconsider a ban on male soldiers wearing make-up after they were accused of double-standards for allowing make-up to be worn by female soldiers only.

A leaked document showing guidelines on “equality, diversity and inclusion” for British soldiers in Canada said that for men “make-up is not to be worn”, however for women, make-up is permitted provided it’s “inconspicuous.”

A British Army spokesperson told The Sun: “As an inclusive employer that recognises the diversity of its personnel, we are currently in the process of revising our guidance in this area to make it gender-neutral.”

But UK’s defence secretary Ben Wallace dismissed the claim, saying: “Apparently the army is consulting on men being allowed to wear makeup.

“The answer is men will be allowed to wear makeup in the army as long as it’s camouflage colour. That will be about as far as they are allowed.”

Common sense and good judgment. It’s a rare sight these days.

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