Safe Schools in action

Warning: Disturbing content – but apparently not too disturbing for children. The following excerpts are taking from the below video. The footage was recorded by a student.

“For girls, it’s a little bit different. Do girls masturbate? Yes. Are they likely to be more reluctant to? Probably. Should girls masturbate? Yes, why not!”

“So, it’s just about exploring your body and feeling good in a private setting. Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily have to do with your reproductive area. It can be touching a breast, or having a bath and — I don’t know… But yeah sure, girls can masturbate and if it feels good, why not?”

“With the fingering part, I would say, if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. It shouldn’t hurt. Anything to do with sex in that area, if it’s painful — if it’s emotionally painful or physically painful, then just maybe, take a step back from the situation and reassess because what we’re dealing with here is something that should be really special and enjoyable for you and your partner…”

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