Days-Long Revival Breaks Out at Asbury University in Kentucky

“The gathering was so full that after all 1,500 seats were taken, people began lining the walls and side doors.”

There are reports of a revival breaking out at Asbury University, an evangelical college in Wilmore, Kentucky. The gathering has drawn hundreds of people to the prayer and worship service, which has continued non-stop for more than three days.

According to Kentucky Today, the chapel service began on Wednesday morning with students turning out to hear a message from Romans 12 that focused on confession and repentance. Following the service, several students stayed behind to worship, share testimonies, and pray. Soon after, many others came to join them, including students from other colleges.

On Friday evening, the gathering was so full, that after all 1,500 seats were taken, people began lining the walls and side doors.

“God is on the move in a special way at Ashbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary,” said Asbury Theological Seminary Vice President of Formation, Matt Barnes in a post on Facebook.

“Beginning during their chapel service at AU, God began pouring out his love among the students in a profound way. The students continued praying and worshiping even though chapel had concluded, very reminiscent of the 1970 revival in Wilmore.

He continued, “And a few minutes ago, when I left at 10:30pm, there were still hundreds of people there worshiping, being prayed for, repenting, and beginning to follow Jesus!”

Barnes also added that revival must grow out of repentance, noting he has seen hundreds of people repenting of their sins during the service.

Videos of the service have been shared across social media, with the story even being picked up by a local news outlet.


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