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‘Cuties’ Could Lose Netflix Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

One petition alone, urging users to "ban together and cancel our subscriptions" has gathered more than 600k signatures.

Petitions urging Netflix users to cancel their subscriptions are attracting hundreds of thousands of signatures worldwide after the streaming service released ‘Cuties,’ a film featuring hypersexualized preteen girls.

One petition alone, urging users to “ban together and cancel our subscriptions” has gathered more than 600k signatures.

“Please make the choice to prove to Netflix our children are more valuable than our entertainment, and our money is better spent elsewhere!” the petition states.

“From ‘Cuties’ to ‘Big Mouth’ to other movies mocking religion and exploiting children, Netflix is no longer the family-friendly streaming service I once believed it to be.”

If the 600k signatures translate to 600k unsubscriptions from their standard streaming plan at $12.99 a month, that would cost Netflix $7.8-million a month, and over $93-million every year. That’s one heck of a licensing fee.

It’s evident, much of the entertainment industry has become nothing short of a propaganda machine. It’s openly employed as a tool of desensitization and indoctrination, which we ourselves sadly fuel with our constant need for entertainment and amusement.

The best thing we can do to stop the beast is to refuse to feed it. They survive on our subscriptions. We need to starve this beast out of existence. We, the viewers, can direct the film and entertainment industry if we refuse to purchase the garbage they insist on selling us.

Sadly, we’re the problem too. We’ve been too indifferent in the past, too apathetic, too willing to settle for trashy television because there’s nothing else to watch.

When that changes, maybe the entertainment industry will be forced to change too. So, if you have a subscription, hit them where it hurts. Cancel Netflix today.

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