Culture State

Why is the West in decline?

Christianity, family, and a sense of national pride – all of these threaten to hinder the spread of Marxism.

If the ideology is to successfully take root, these things must first be dismantled. The influence of Christianity must be thrown into question. Any sense of biblical morality must be suppressed. The family, including family values, must erode, along with ideas of patriotism and nationalism.

It’s no surprise that all of these are often subjected to attack. Christians are increasingly dismissed as intolerant bigots, subject to archaic beliefs that now fall on the “wrong side of history.”

The idea of family has been reduced to so many varying compositions that it essentially lacks all meaning. Patriotism, or any sense of pride in one’s nation, is now akin to racism, xenophobia, and even Nazism.

What we’re witnessing is the decline of the West, and that, through the spread of Cultural Marxism.

So, how did Cultural Marxism gain influence? The following clip explains:

Rather than workers uniting and marching into battle, thus seizing power through force, they would make a long march through the institutions. Institutions like the arts, cinema, theatre, literature, schools, college, seminaries, newspapers, magazines, and what is now known as radio, TV and the mass media. Once this march is over, all the barriers to the acceptance of Marxism will have been quietly and systematically removed.

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