Curing the Corruption of Medicine: Dr Aseem Malhotra’s Australian Tour

“After the past few years of mandates and now emerging injuries, this topic is crucial and the timing critical.”

Dr Aseem Malhotra is no stranger to speaking out about important health issues.  Especially when these issues involve the interests of large corporations including the pharmaceutical industry.  For the past decade, this world-renowned cardiologist and campaigner has taken on the food and pharma giants, speaking truth to power about sugar, saturated fats and statins.  This time, Malhotra is using his voice to call for the suspension of mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations pending an investigation of serious side effects and independent analysis of raw trial data. 

Despite supporting the initial vaccine program roll-out, and being twice-jabbed himself, Malhotra publicly changed his position in September 2022 following months of researching after contact from whistle-blowers. Without doubt, the untimely death of Malhotra’s previously fit and healthy father following a sudden heart attack and cardiac arrest just months after the vaccine forced Malhotra to look closely at the safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines.  This intense period of data collection and soul-searching culminated in two peer-reviewed papers which criticised the safety and efficacy of the jabs.

Since coming out strongly against the mRNA products, Malhotra has campaigned tirelessly in the media, and will now be touring Australia with the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS), and thanks to sponsorship by TNT radio

Beginning on May 27th and travelling through New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Canberra and Western Australia, Malhotra will be joined by local Australian experts including pharmacist Dr Philip Altman, immunologist Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy, vaccine developer Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, GP and vaccine-injury class action organiser Dr Melissa McCann, alongside many notable Australian doctors who have been campaigning tirelessly to ‘stop the shots.’  Themed ‘Curing the Corruption of Medicine,’ the tour will cover topics such as the benefits and risks of the Covid vaccines, the danger of medical censorship, and the importance of informed consent.

After the past few years of mandates and now emerging injuries, this topic is crucial and the timing critical.  Malhotra explains, “The Covid-19 vaccination rollout is perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime.”

Together, AMPS, Dr Malhotra and tour speakers aim to help address the pandemic of misinformation and 

restore the significant erosion of public trust in healthcare in Australia. To this end, AMPS has been working hard to fight back against the government overreach, reclaim medical ethics and restore the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.

“Medical ethics and informed consent are fundamental principles that should guide the medical industry,” says Malhotra.  “It is our responsibility as medical professionals to prioritise patient safety and well-being.”

We agree.  The lives of Australians are depending on it.

Dates and How to Book Tickets:

Check out the tour dates and venues and get your tickets by clicking here.

  • 27–28 May, Sydney
  • 30 May, Canberra
  • 31 May, 1–2 June, Melbourne
  • 6 June, Gold Coast
  • 4 June, Adelaide
  • 5, 7 June, Brisbane
  • TBC, Perth

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