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Diversity Council says, stop using the word “Christmas” because it may offend non-Christians

Diversity Council Australia is urging businesses to stop using the word “Christmas” because it might offend and discriminate against non-Christians.

According to The Herald Sun, employers are being told to drop the Christian terminology from their end-of-year celebrations, and instead use more inclusive language, such as “holiday greetings.”

Lisa Annese from Diversity Council Australia told The Herald that Christmas celebrations should effectively be less Christian by being more inclusive of other religions.

“If you’re having a Christmas celebration, try to make sure it’s inclusive of other faiths as well because the office is for everybody,” Ms Annese said.

Ms Annese went on to say, “it’s worth noting that many Australians do not celebrate Christmas religiously, either as followers of non-Christian religions, or as individuals with no religious affiliation.” created an online poll, asking followers if they agree with the council’s proposal. The vast majority of people who have voted thus far have said they do not agree.

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