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WATCH: CNN compares MAGA hat to a shirt that says ‘I hate black people,’ suggests businesses should be allowed to refuse service to Trump supporters

CNN host Chris Cuomo has suggested businesses should be allowed to ban people for wearing MAGA hats because it’s like wearing a shirt that says, “I hate black people.”

“How is this any different to the baker with the cake? Well, that was about refusing service to a group of people that should be a protected class,” Cuomo said. “And unless you could argue that Trump supporters should be a protected class, I don’t think you have much of an argument on that.”

Cuomo continued: “If people were wearing shirts that said, ‘I hate black people,’ would he be OK to say, don’t come into my place with that? I think most people would be like, yeah. That’s how people, like him, see the MAGA hat.”

Dom Lemon then chimed in saying: “That hat means a lot of things… Maybe that hat means the Central Park five to people. Maybe it means birtherism to people. Maybe it means Mexicans are rapists to people. So you cannot erase those things from the story of that hat and say I’m just wearing it because I want stronger immigration.”

Yes, the same folks who think Christians should be forced to create artwork celebrating things that contradict their faith, are now arguing in support of businesses banning customers for supporting their president.


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