Christians Blamed for Trans Terrorist Massacre

“Actual violence, racism, and bigotry are deployed against anything perceived to be violence, racism, and bigotry.”

A trans terrorist kills kids at a Christian school in Nashville, and what does the Woke hegemony do?

They blame God and guns.

Not their Pro-PRIDE, hate rhetoric. Not the shooter. Not their “us vs. them” intersectional brainwashing. Not their “love is love” predatory, and distorted sexualisation of children. Not voyeuristic Western politicians falsely equating LGBT critics, or “MAGA members with Nazis, or domestic terrorists.”

Leftists must be held morally responsible for this incident because of their brazen incitement.

Nine-year-olds, Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney, along with educators, Mike Hill, Cynthia Peak, and Katherine Koonce, had their lives taken from them because of the “oppressed” Intersectionality tribalism to which the Left now so passionately subscribe.

The execution of Christians seems like an extension of Joe Biden’s strong inference that “anyone, not a Democrat, is a domestic terrorist,” as much as LGBTism’s “anyone not an ally, is an enemy unworthy of life, liberty, and livelihood.”

To repeat Caldron Pool founder Ben Davis, “We’ve been divided from the top down. We’ve been convinced that anyone who doesn’t abandon their conservative or Christian views for the “progressive” cause is motivated, not by a love for God and neighbour, but by a murderous hatred for everybody else.”

For Leftism, killing in the name of its acronym causes is seemingly justified.

This is why Woke apologists, like Trans activists, are shifting the blame for the attack onto the attacker’s victims: 

The Daily Mail played along,

Such vile revisionism is a firm reminder that Wokeism’s subjective ideology is utter poison.

The trans terrorist is part of the protected political class.

The shooter’s LGBT affiliation, pretended gender, and political persuasion, will give this mass murderer a free pass in the eyes of many.

Commending Nashville police’s swift response, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh drew attention to this by criticising the NPD for ‘trying to prevent the release of the trans terrorist’s manifesto.’

NPD has stated that doing so ‘could have serious consequences.’

Damning the double standard, Rebel News Australia’s Avi Yemini said, “When a deranged gunman targeted a mosque in Christchurch, the media called it Islamophobia. When it was Jews in a synagogue, they called it Antisemitism. So why, when Christian kids are murdered by a trans nut, do they just label it as a mass shooting? It was a terror attack.”

According to Leftist logic, if a killer falls in the “oppressed” intersectionality rubric, and the victims are designated “white,” Christian, or heterosexual, they’re automatically “oppressors” – and for some, that means they deserve to be massacred.

Wokeness is a work of darkness. It is the progeny of disobedience pushing postmodernism’s delusional rejection of truth for falsehood.

As Gene E. Veith predicted in Modern Fascism (1993), the horror of such post-modern revisionism, is its potential power to turn 1930s National Socialists (NAZIs) into victims, and the Jews they’ve just gassed into villains.

Enter Cancel Culture.

Woke revisionism’s end game is genocide.

Actual violence, racism, and bigotry are deployed against anything perceived to be “violence,” “racism,” and “bigotry.”

The result? Real oppressors walk around masquerading as the oppressed.

The only way for the Intersectionality wars to end is either the absolute eradication or submission, of everyone outside Intersectionality’s “oppressed” (identity politics) paradigm.

Thus, Lauren Chen pointed out, “The left blames the right when there’s a right-wing extremist. And apparently, the left also blames the right when there’s a left-wing extremist.”

Likewise, author, Owen Strachan observed, “Do you see this? ‘Misgendering’ [the killer] is worse now than killing.’

Similarly, Live Action founder, Lila Rose, said, “In an act of terrorism, a woman murdered three children and three adults in cold blood today at a Christian school and our media is worrying about her ‘preferred pronouns.’ Utterly insane.”

To which, Christian commentator, Samuel Sey added, “This is what happens when we say some people’s identities make them either oppressors or oppressed.

“Even when a transgender person murders 6 people, including little children—they’re victims. And even when the ‘oppressors’”’ are murdered—it doesn’t matter: they’re oppressors,” Sey explained.

He’s right.

See Jonathon Haidt’s brilliant analysis of Intersectionality’s cognitive distortion in the Coddling of the American Mind.

See also Anthony Gray’s excellent chapter in Augusto Zimmerman’s Wokeshevism: Critical Theories & the Tyrant Left (Connor Court Publishing, 2023).

For Woke Leftists, violence, hate, threats, intimidation, and even racism, ‘should not be criminalised if they come from an experience of oppression.’ (p.92)

Hence, any, and all reasoned, and respectful disagreement with Leftism is struct down – to quote Roger Scruton – by the ‘Rainbow religion’s politicising of phobias.’

Dissenters are gaslighted as uncaring, unloving, or “mentally ill.”

Quintessential proof of the latter was provided by Josselyn Berry, Press Secretary for Arizona’s Democrat governor, Katie Hobbs.

After the Nashville shooting, Berry posted a Gif of woman holding a gun on Twitter, captioned, “Us when we see transphobes.”

Berry was attacking women who refuse to pretend a biological man is a woman, simply because he says he is.

In the case of the Nashville School shooting, the Left’s narrative will be cause and effect: the shooter’s victims are sinful, not the trans terrorist who massacred them in cold blood.

This is why Allie Beth Stuckey included in her response a critique of the Woke hive-mind virus, “There is no use reasoning with people who have more concern for transphobia than for the lives of the little children murdered by a terrorist. Their mind has been given over to wickedness, and they are incapable of reason, rationality, or true compassion.”

In his own apt response, Tucker Carlson argued, trans ideology is the exact opposite of Christian theology.

Transgenderism’s godlike claim over nature, he said, is the [super] natural enemy of Christianity, because, ‘people who believe they’re God can’t stand to be reminded that they’re not.’

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