Charges Dropped Against Pregnant Mother Arrested Over Anti-Lockdown Facebook Post

To Premier Daniel Andrews she said: “I hope one day you’ll have your day in court.”

Finally some justice for one brave mother.

Times of crisis can bring out the best and the worst in people. History always tells us this, and very recent history has certainly made this perfectly clear. The two years of Rona hysteria and lockdown madness really did bring out both quite distinctly. Some folks responded so very well, while others – perhaps most – simply went along with the Statist overkill.

Far too many folks were quite happy to be led like sheep to their own slaughter, or at least to their own house arrest. And of course here in Victoria, some of the worst and longest lockdown lunacy on the planet took place. Do you remember all the insanity? Insanity such as:

  • Only being allowed out of your home for just one hour a day!
  • Only being allowed to travel no more than 5kms!
  • Pubs and brothels staying open while churches and other essential services were forced to close!
  • People prevented from having or attending weddings, going to funerals, or being with loved ones who were dying in hospital!

The list of atrocities is endless. Yet so many sheeple were more than happy to go along with all this. So many were quite willing to simply worship at the feet of leaders such as Premier Dan Andrews and do every single idiotic thing he told them to do. The paranoia and fear and hysteria were off the charts.

Many of these folks were even fully willing to snitch on their own neighbours or family members. This was straight out of the Communist playbook of course. Living in such fear and terror that you are willing to hate on your own former friends and neighbours is what a full-tilt dictatorship is all about.

But of course, there were others – those who bravely, courageously and resolutely would NOT submit to this diabolical Big Brother health fascism. They stood their ground and would not cave to the relentless pressure to fully conform – or else. And they often paid a very big price for standing up for human rights and basic civil liberties.

How many were arrested, fined and even jailed for saying no to the overreach of power-hungry thugs like Andrews? So many paid a very steep price indeed to stand for freedom. One of the superstars in this regard was a Ballarat mother. You all would recall her story – it was absolutely shocking. She was arrested by the police while at home in her pyjamas! As I wrote almost exactly two years ago about this case:

OK, this is where we are now at in the Victorian Police State. If armed police will come into a home and cuff and arrest a pregnant mother in her pyjamas (due to go to her ultrasound appointment) in front of her children, they will arrest anyone. You have been warned. This is serious. 

It seems we will all need to have our phones with the video cameras ready to go at a moment’s notice if we hear a knock at the door. With more and more ordinary Australians being arrested by the police in Dictator Dan’s dystopia – including pregnant mothers – we may well need to record everything.

There were so many utterly vile incidents that happened over those two years, but her story really did represent the complete breakdown of freedom and democracy in Victoria and so much of the world. In the name of “keeping us safe,” some of the most heavy-handed and tyrannical actions ever undertaken in peacetime took place. It was an utter nightmare.

But thankfully many of these champion freedom fighters eventually found a bit of justice. Many had the charges against them quietly dropped. Of course, the coercive State and its leaders never apologised to anyone. Dictators never do. But just today we learned of a very good outcome for this poor Ballarat mother. Here is the full story:

Police have dropped a charge against a Ballarat mum accused of breaching public health orders during Victoria’s Covid lockdown. Zoe Buhler, 30, was accused of using social media to organise a protest against state government lockdown rules between August 31 and September 2 in 2020. Her arrest while pregnant and wearing pyjamas was captured on video.

In Ballarat Magistrates Court on Tuesday, police withdrew a single charge of incitement to contravene public health directions. An application for costs by Ms Buhler was to be worked out between the parties. Outside court, Ms Buhler thanked her supporters and said she was “relieved that it’s all finished”. “Glad that it’s all over,” she said.

“Obviously the charges have been withdrawn. Bit ridiculous on the police side of things that they dragged it out for so long. I’ll be considering my options going forward especially in regards to being handcuffed while pregnant.” Ms Buhler said her stance against the state’s lockdown had not changed since her arrest. “I think the strong message I have is that I definitely have no regrets,” she said.

“I’m glad I stood up for people’s human rights and freedoms, and I guess the message maybe going into the future is … I hope I can be an inspiration that more of us should stand up for what is right.” She added the following for Premier Daniel Andrews: “I hope one day you’ll have your day in court”. And to the police: “Get the bad guys, not the innocent guys”. 

This certainly is terrific news – and long overdue. This terrible act of injustice never should have occurred in the first place. Nor should tens of thousands of other acts of injustice during this period. Thankfully some brave souls were willing to stand up and say ‘NO’ to tyranny and statist overkill.

Well done Zoe. You are a champion. You really did go through hell for such a long time. Finally a bit of justice. Finally a bit of good news. But as I say, will we hear one word of apology from Dictator Dan and his thugs about this? Not on your life.

We must NEVER forget what these tyrants did to us.

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