China Says Australia’s Lack of Commitment to Climate Change Is Killing the Great Barrier Reef

“China has no right to lecture us on environmental management because if our reef were in their hands, it’d be the largest military base on the planet,” George Christensen said.

Duplicitous manoeuvring at the United Nations by the Communist Chinese Party through its debt coalition (benignly called the “Belt and Road Initiative”) may open the door for the CCP to establish military oversight of the Great Barrier Reef, and build up a military presence in the Coral Sea.

This would be done so with the blessing of the World Heritage Committee.

Fact-backed speculation in The Australian this week posited that the CCP is jumping on an “uphill battle to overturn an ‘in danger’ listing for the Great Barrier Reef.”

The Australian’s Ben Packham and Jamie Walker convincingly argued that the CCP could use the “endangered” designation for political leverage against Australia, stating that a “clear majority (14 out of 21 members) on the World Heritage Committee was signed up to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.”

According to the report, The Great Barrier Reef has been singled out as “climate change affected” and “ratifying the decision to declare the reef endangered will require at least 14 votes.”

Australia protested the move, pointing to the large financial commitment ($2.5bn) made by Australian governments in assuring the Reef’s protection, care and survivability.

The UNESCO acknowledged the effort, but said, “although many positive achievements have been made, stronger and clearer commitments to combat climate change were needed.”

It also acknowledged that “global warming” was not a one nation solvable problem.

The Australian referenced Liberal Senator James Paterson, the parliamentary intelligence and security chairman saying that the “decision looked motivated by geopolitical considerations.”

He said, “UNESCO hasn’t visited the GBR since 2012; hasn’t mentioned the GBR being in danger since 2015, but all of a sudden, under the chair of China, it is again contemplating listing the GBR.”

When asked about the Chinese Communist Party potentially abusing its power in the U.N. through the GBR and an alleged “climate emergency” to stir up division within Australia, George Christensen (LNP-Dawson) told Caldron Pool that was “close to the mark.”

He said that there are no grounds for a UNESCO downgrade of the Reef. Especially given findings from the Cooktown region, shared by marine scientist, Dr. Peter Ridd on June 15th illustrating that “where coral cover had halved, it has now fully recovered.”

Citing Dr. Ridd, Christensen explained that the data showed coral “rapidly recovering” from the effects of coral bleaching, stating that “if the reef is in better health today, how can it be in danger now? It’s a clever move” by the Communist Chinese Party.

In a fiery speech to parliament Christensen argued,

“This bizarre decision was made without consultation or any scientific foundation, and completely blindsided those who have actually seen the reef including the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators, and they’ve opposed the ‘in-danger’ listing.”

The representative from Queensland added,

“It’s one thing for a nameless, faceless UN Committee to make decisions which directly affect our natural tourism assets, but for that committee to be headed up by Communist China brings about a new level of hypocrisy.”


“The great barrier reef is fine, but I wonder how in danger Mischief reef is after China pumped enough sand on it to reclaim land to build a huge military base in the South China Sea.”

Christensen then takes aim at the CCP’s further expansion in the area reminding the house that they’ve dumped “hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete” onto Subi Reef for “runways and communication towers,” presumably all without “China submitting an environmental impact statement to the Philippines given that that reef is part of its continental shelf?”

Noting that reef killing was the order of business for the Communist Chinese Party, he added other examples, including, Fiery Cross Reef, Hughes Reef, Cuarteron Reef, Johnson Reef and said, the “list goes on and on.” (For more: ASIA Maritime Transparency Initiative)

“China has no right,” Christensen said, “to lecture us on environmental management because if our reef were in their hands, it’d be the largest military base on the planet.”

As Dr. Peter Ridd’s High Court test case shows, environmental activism is winning out over science.

Whether conscious of it or not, in this case, Green’s influenced activism is empowering the Chinese Communist Party in its weaponizing of climate change catastrophising.

The United Nations handing a coalition headed by the Communist Chinese Party the power equal to that of eminent domain by wresting guardianship of the Great Barrier Reef from Australians, violently compromises the sovereignty of Oceanic nations.

If successful, the CCP, with its Belt and Road Initiative voting bloc, would have access to the Coral Sea, an Australian marine park beyond the Great Barrier Reef.

Any UNESCO lead Communist Chinese takeover of the Great Barrier Reef would potentially pave the way for the Chinese Communist Party to permanently base military assets in the Coral Sea under the guise of protecting a World Heritage-listed site, or “combating Climate Change.”

Facts of history remind us of how vital the Coral Sea is to the defence of Australia and its Oceanic sister nations.

The last time it was invaded the United States and Australia were pushing back against Imperial Japanese militant expansionism in the Coral Sea.

It was success in that epic, May 1942 Naval battle, that stopped the immanent capture of Port Moresby, New Guinea, (then, the Australian Territory of Papua), securing vital supply lanes that connect Oceania with the Americas.

That defeat strengthened the infamous, Battle for Australia, which began at Kokoda in July the same year.

Surely, our memories aren’t so short that we forget how important these reefs are to the ongoing stability and defence of our region.

Surely, our concern for the environment, tainted as it is by catastrophising climate change propaganda, hasn’t made us so drunk with fear, that we, as a nation are ignorant about the political manoeuvring of a determined anti-Australian foreign bureaucracy that looks ready to pull the rug out from under us.

Surely, we aren’t so ‘comfortably numb’ in our affluence and complacency, that we forget the lives lost, and sacrifices made, the last time a belligerent empire sought to strong-arm Australia into submission.

My comments in July 2020 about the CCP using its BRI weight to hide human rights abuses are still relevant.

If pressure is applied by the CCP in order to win UN votes, then the BRI isn’t just a debt trap, it’s part of a greater diabolical move by the CCP to undermine sovereign states.

As the BRI voting bloc suggests, these unsuspecting nations have sold themselves into quasi-indentured servitude to the Chinese Communist Party, and member nations in this indebted to China coalition will be routinely “called” upon to do the CCP’s bidding.

They’ve become pawns in the CCP’s reach for global communism.

While Australia must do its best to defend those nations, it must not become one of them.

Watch George Christensen’s speech here.

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