Canavan Bill Demands Answers Over Labor/Green Confiscation of Christian Hospital

“The Queensland Coalition senator has tabled a bill asking how, and why, Calvary Hospital was forced to surrender its Christian ethos, and ownership to the Labor/Green cabal by the end of June.”

An Australian senator is demanding answers about the Australian Capital Territory’s confiscation of a Christian hospital.

The Queensland Coalition senator has tabled a bill asking how, and why, Calvary Hospital was forced to surrender its Christian ethos, and ownership to the Labor/Green cabal by the end of June.

Calvary was also given no real warning the government was going to seize the essential service provider.

Additionally, public outcry over the Soviet-style confiscation of a private business has been either ignored, dismissed, or mocked by anonymous left-wing Social Media users vilifying Christians.

Akin to Islamic State or Communist China, Calvary’s landmark blue cross was removed on July 2, with bewildered staff quickly removing crosses from wards, and rooms to meet the far-left ACT government’s, anti-Christ July 3 diktat.

Canavan’s bill, titled the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, makes way for an inquiry into this, and the ACT’s Health Infrastructure Enabling Act 2023.

The 82-page June 2, ACT legislation was “fast-tracked,” then shoved into law for the specific purpose of confiscating the hospital.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Canavan said, “I am going to keep fighting for justice for all that are impacted by ACT Labor’s midnight raid on the Calvary Hospital. My bill will be introduced next week.”

He told the ABC, “The ACT government seems to have things to hide here on their Calvary Hospital takeover, so I’m glad now this inquiry will be available at a Senate level.”

The official Labor/Green party line is that the hostile acquisition was necessary for the expansion of public services.

By swallowing the quality, faith-based, health service provider, ACT bureaucrats argued for ‘consolidation,’ saying, ‘streamlining health services would improve health outcomes for all Canberrans.’

The “expansion of public services” would no doubt include pro-PRIDE castration and mutilation of a kid’s genitals; the poisoning and dismemberment of pre-born kids in the womb via abortion, and euthanasia.

While Calvary’s 40 years of consistent healthcare was recognised, and applauded by the government, there’s no real love for the hospital’s Christ-centred care.

Calvary’s pro-life Christian ethos, alongside the “do no harm” oath, has long irritated the far-left government’s anti-life political agenda.

Writing in the Spectator Australia, this view was shared by Australian Christian Lobby, CEO, Michelle Pearse:

“No matter how much the ACT government would like to say otherwise, its actions have the appearance of being agitated by a commitment to expanding abortion, and euthanasia services.”

Addressing the issues, which support Canavan’s reasons for an inquiry, Pearse, said, “If any such ideological basis for the acquisition is established, as is alleged, it could mean that the enabling [fast-tracked 82-page] legislation is invalid.”

Responding to Canavan, the Labor/Green cabal smeared his Senate quest for transparency as Liberal’s meddling, and strongly inferred the Coalition senator should mind his own business.

ACT health minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith, said the inquiry “means nothing” to Calvary staff transitioning (read: being re-educated) in line with the hostile takeover.

She then accused Canavan of “undermining the government’s rights.”

Furthering the stench of the ACT’s suspect far-left political confiscation of Calvary, the Labor/Green power bloc recently forced Brindabella Christian College to remove its advertising from public buses.

The Christian college – once said to be going bankrupt – was told its ad campaign celebrating the school’s success “against all odds,” were of a political nature, and had to be removed.

Brindabella is in the government’s cross-hairs over solvency issues, appearing to back former parents who want the school closed down.

Another issue is related to claims Brindabella’s car park is on public land.

Given the ISIS/CCP style precedent set by the ACT’s culture war on Calvary, it’s likely Brindabella is next.

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