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Australian Government donates $1-billion of taxpayer money to a U.N. Climate Fund, now Australians are being told to hand over another $400-million.

Australian taxpayers have been asked to hand over a additional $400-million to replenish a Green Climate Fund to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change.

The request comes after Malcolm Turnbull already committed $1-billion of Australia’s money to the U.N. fund.

According to The Australian, “This could increase to billions of dollars each year as the nation’s ‘fair share’ contribution to a promised $US100 billion ($AU137 billion) a year in global climate finance that was considered crucial to delivering the Paris Agreement.

“A new funding template published by World Resources Institute said Australia should be the sixth biggest donor to the GCF despite being responsible for only 1.8 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.”


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