Breitbart to Distribute New Hunter Biden Laptop Biopic

“For those who don’t know about the potential Biden/Harris 2020 election killing discovery, a new film presented by Breitbart hopes to fill in any gaping holes left open by the political Left’s gagging of the subject.”

Most people now know the heavily censored Hunter Biden laptop story is no Russian collusion myth.

For those who don’t know about the potential Biden/Harris 2020 election killing discovery, a new film presented by Breitbart hopes to fill in any gaping holes left open by the political Left’s gagging of the subject.

Directed by Hollywood legend, Robert Davi (Star Gate: Atlantis, Die Hard, Goonies), his film ‘My Son Hunter,’ brings in big hitters such as Lawrence Fox, and Gina Carano for a biopic based on Joe Biden’s son, the laptop’s contents, and the Democrat Party interference deployed to censor it.

In an interview with opinion editor for the Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley, Davi said he wanted to use an uncancellable platform to inform people on both sides of the political aisle.

“So, my approach,” Davi said, “was to take the screenplay, and then flesh it into a story that would be dramatic, funny, emotional, shocking, and humanizing. [Addressing] the relationship between father and son, [as well as] the drug abuse.”

The film, according to Breitbart, is ‘told through the eyes of a left-wing activist,’ with Davi stating, “he didn’t want parody.” He wanted pathos and humour.

Davi told Chumley the purpose of the film was to, “Expose the potential corruption that went on with Hunter dealing with the Chinese, the Ukrainians, Russians, and the whatnot. As you have the son of the vice president and president who is making interesting deals with other people in foreign countries.”

The film’s sources included, “Peter Schweitzer’s book, [and] other information that was out there on the laptop – when everyone was denying the laptop existed. I then read ‘Beautiful Things’, the Hunter Biden book, in which he admits to many things and discusses them.”

Giving reasons for choosing to direct the film, Davi said, “We have to capture culture again, and in a smart way. We’ve got to be able to tell a message in a certain way, and support filmmakers that are communicating that message.”

A first for Breitbart, the film is a risky run for the news organisation.

Only having seen the trailer, critics are already mocking the film.

One Twitter user wrote, “If I ever feel bad about myself, I just think about how Gina Carano went from The Mandalorian to movies exclusively on Truth Social.”

Another stated, “Congrats to Gina Carano for becoming the first Star Wars cast member to appear in something more embarrassing than the Holiday Special.”

Before his sit down with Robert Davi to discuss the film, Rudy Giuliani predicted the cancel culture cult’s blanket ban, stating, “My Son Hunter, is going to be censored as much as possible by those who believe that they run the United States; those who believe they run our government; those who believe they run our newspapers; those who believe they run our media; those who believe they run our social media, and those who believe they run our businesses.”

“Let’s call them the fascist elite of America,” Giuliani asserted.

“[My Son Hunter] is going to face [opposition] from dictatorial communist powers, [the same socialist Marxists who governed during the pandemic by mandate], and we want you to know about it and learn about it from the very beginning.”

The former New York Mayor, turned YouTube political commentator asked Davi, “what gave him the courage to do the film,” quipping, it takes “more courage than taking on the mafia.”

Davi responded, “Politics is downstream from culture and the conservatives – or let’s just say the middle of the roads – have never captured Hollywood the way the left has.”

The ‘My Son Hunter’ director then accused the media of, “betraying the American people by not getting that story out about [Hunter Biden’s] laptop, which you were the premier person in terms of discovering, and talking about it – much to your suffering in certain ways.”

For context, Guiliani’s home was raided by the FBI in April 2021.

The raid was justified as part of an “ongoing investigation” into Guiliani’s Ukrainian connections. However, like the recent raid on Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago, there are strong hints to suggest the reasons for the raid were solely political.

For instance, Guiliani is Trump’s personal lawyer, and in 2020, he was the first to reveal the laptop’s existence, along with the material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Further, Project Veritas was stormed in November 2021.

The FBI raided the home of founder James O’Keefe over Ashley Biden’s allegedly stolen diary. This happened, despite Project Veritas having obtained the diary legally, and despite the investigative journalist organisation working with authorities to return it.

The raid coincided with the very visual suppression by legacy media of the diary’s disturbing contents.

One entry appears to indicate Biden’s daughter admitting to being sexualised at a young age, with her then asking whether the two “showering together” was sexual molestation.

To recap: Giuliani was raided in mid-2021. Project Veritas was raided in November 2021, and more recently, so was Donald Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago.

All were raided by the FBI. Two had damaging material on Biden. While the redacted raid on Trump appears to be yet, more of the same coddling of Joe Biden, it’s not a stretch to presume, based on this pattern, Trump had material on the Biden family too.

If this pattern indicates that the woke White House is misusing law enforcement to persecute its political opponents, with the pending release of ‘My Son Hunter,’ Breitbart, Robert Davi, Gina Carano, and Lawrence Fox may want to lawyer up.

Exposing the aptly named Leftist privilege, and how it trickles down from the hallowed halls of power, is likely to attract the same lawfare, hate mail, and big tech disinformation classification campaign as the New York Post’s original exclusive did.

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