Australian Senator: Government’s Are Playing Politics With the Virus

“Power has gone to the heads of our elected leaders and unelected bureaucrats, who are exercising powers yet do not feel the consequences themselves.”

An ongoing obsession for Australian leftist mag Crikey, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts speaks uncomfortable truths.

Crikey’s persistent obsession with Roberts is only matched by the ABC.

This isn’t because Australia’s national broadcaster is giving One Nation the same love, tolerance, and affection they extend to the Greens and Australian Labor.

It’s because Roberts pushes the kind of pesky questions power-drunk bureaucrats hate to answer.

The long history of his interactions on senate committees testifies to the latter.

The Senator even found himself in the crosshairs of the BBC.

In 2016, riding the hype of anti-Trumpism, the BBC framed One Nation as “anti-immigration.” Then criticised the newly elected senator for his views on the United Nations and apocalyptic climate change.

Roberts is saying things the reigning hegemony would rather never be said.

Like the party he serves, Roberts has been the center of unrelenting, hit piece after hit piece from leftists since his election.

Like his colleagues and contemporaries, Tanya Davies, Mark Latham, George Christensen, Craig Kelly – Malcolm Roberts is among an increasing number of elected representatives who are rightful heirs to the title “servant of the people, for the people.”

They are liberty-loving, political juggernauts.

For example, the One Nation Senator’s August 4 address to the Australian senate was a four-minute counter-punch against a prevailing arrogance of power.

Roberts’ speech titled, ‘On Freedom,’ defended civil liberties and their constitutional guarantees.

“The side locking people up for the crime of being healthy, arresting protesters, pepper-spraying kids, beating up grannies, banning books and electronic messages, censoring social media, sending threatening letters, forcing small businesses to close, urging people to dob in dissenters and banning safe drugs that have worked for 60 years are all on the wrong side of history.”

Roberts rebuked the use of “martial law” in New South Wales in order to “lock healthy people in their houses” as a “frightening development.”

He condemned the demonising of pro-freedom protestors and their vilification by legacy media.

Turning on the Senate, he said, it “had failed in the solemn duty to ensure honesty, transparency, and accountability in the government of the day.”

The Senate had also failed future voters, “our children, who are now being injected with a substance that has not undergone meaningful safety testing.”

Accusing the major parties of “colluding” to undermine the checks and balances of parliamentary procedure, Roberts claimed the “waive of measures forced through the Senate, by the major parties, had reduced the Senate to the status of a dystopian echo chamber.”

“With troops now on the streets,” Roberts asserted, “it’s frightening to contemplate where this will end.”

Hitting out at the vast COVID chasm now separating citizen and politician, the One Nation senator warned that “Australia’s economic life and future were being strangled for no reason”.

“Power,” he said, “has gone to the heads of our elected leaders and unelected bureaucrats, who are exercising powers yet do not feel the consequences themselves.”

Throwing his support behind the August Australian freedom uprising, Roberts told the Senate that the use of Australia’s Defence Force “to intimidate civilians into compliance, to mandating injections and threatening to rip away people’s livelihoods”, was the “refuge of [scared] tyrants.”

“Every day Australians are seeing through the smokescreens of fear and intimidation…The costs of the restrictions to family and community exceed the medical cost of the virus. Everyday Australians have spoken. We will not be divided, we are united, we are one community, we are one nation.”

The Senator told Caldron Pool that there was no trigger point for the speech.

Concern for the downgrade of freedoms has risen alongside the “slow destruction of our country.”

The cause of which he said was “poor governance” alongside a lack of “political accountability.”

Such as a lack of transparency and manipulation by omission.

Governments were leaving out important information and were doing so in order to protect and serve the ambitions a self-serving political class.

Senator Roberts referred to how Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Queensland Labor 2020 re-election campaign, presented an unpopular premier as the COVID saviour.

Queensland Labor played politics with COVID-19, “manipulating the virus to win an election.”

The One Nation Senator isn’t buying reassurances from the Government about how it’s “following the best medical advice in the world.”

While the current government might be listening to health bureaucrats with 19 months’ worth of inflated egos, he said, the government clearly “wasn’t following the data” on COVID.

This is evidenced in part, by the censorship of Ivermectin’s effectiveness, and the wide avoidance of Taiwan’s success against COVID-19 achieved without bureaucrats abusing their power.

Taiwan, he said, is the “stellar example. They managed the virus, instead of the virus managing them.”

Discussing the way forward, he told Caldron Pool, the government needs a “common-sense plan based on proven results.”

The Senator wants the government to come clean on the data, then use that data to build a better COV-exit platform.

His answer is a seven-point common sense COVID combat strategy.

This includes the transparent use of hard measures (with clear use-by dates), testing, tracing, vaccines, practical hygiene, treatments, health, and fitness.

Roberts agreed, we need to learn to live with the virus, because learning to live with lockdowns is not an option.

Frustrated by the inconsistencies of a bureaucracy, who “aren’t thinking through the consequences of their policies,” Roberts said, the solution for citizens is to vote, and vote well.

“Vote for character. Vote for values. Be well informed, and vote for policies.”


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