Aliens Have Invaded Earth!

“Under modern paganism, all beliefs are equally valid except the views of the Creator as described in the Bible.”

Alien invasion has become a big topic of discussion because the Western societies have abandoned their once-Christian biblical worldview in favour of anti-Christian pagan religions. Under modern paganism, all beliefs are equally valid except the views of the Creator as described in the Bible.

Aliens are visiting us more now than in the past 100 years when Christian/biblical faith was very strong in Western democracies. Why is that?

I suggest it is because these lying entities — aliens– are portraying themselves to people through occultic practices, like channeling, and more. They are aliens alright but not aliens from another star system. They are aliens from another dimension. Hence the rise in overt worship of demons and Satan.

That sort of demon worship normalises the practices which God outlawed in the Scriptures. These include blood sacrifice, child sacrifice, pedophilia, self-identifying gender dimorphism, cross-dressing, transgender activity and transmogrification. There is a big push to normalise pedophilia using the ploy of transgender surgery as the gateway. If a seven-year-old can decide to be the opposite sex then why limit their other choices?

To convince people that these ‘visitors’ are benign beings from another star system is a very cunning tactic indeed. They are more evolved than us, perhaps by a billion years, so we should listen to them. They have solved all the problems we face and they have evolved to live forever. They can give us all this for free. Free green energy; solve ‘climate change’. We just need to accept them.

But they cannot help themselves. They always out themselves. They first used to say they were from Venus or Mars. Then later after NASA sent space probes out there, they said they were from other star systems, like Sirius, the ‘Dog Star’, in the constellation Canis Majoris, which the ancient Egyptians worshipped. Another is Zeta Reticuli, a southern hemisphere visible double star. Actress Shirley MacLaine allegedly spent some time with folk from there. But these stars are just too far for humans to explore. Convenient, eh?

Some aliens have identified themselves with names like Ashtar, Astar, Asherah, Asheroth (Judges 3:7; 2 Chronicles 33:3), etc. These are names that appear among the Canaanite demon gods whom the Israelites fell into worshipping against the warnings of God’s prophets. They practiced sexual perversions, which God forbade.

These are the same practices we see much more commonly now, even in mainstream media. Any criticism of these practices gets labelled racism, transphobia, and homophobia, etc. Governments are moving more and more to outlaw reading (or thinking) certain passages of the Bible that condemn their practices.

Tel Aviv is called the ‘gay capital of the world’ for good reason. The Israelites have not learned their lesson. Within 80 years of re-establishing a country called Israel, they have achieved this ignoble distinction. Considering the vast majority of Israelis are atheists it is not surprising that they have gone astray from God’s commandments, again.

Aliens have invaded Earth!

That is true. But they didn’t need scientifically advanced technology, to bend space, or warp space, to travel here over the many light-year distances. They didn’t navigate across the vastness of space in their advanced spaceships or flying saucers. They didn’t employ Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology to shorten their travel time.

No, they crossed over the dimensional divide when the now-pagan believers opened their minds to the demon gods of the netherworld. They have invited them in and they will need to pay the price of their admission soon enough.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist steadfast in the faith…

1 Peter 5:8-9

We must resist this evil, no matter what name it is dressed up as. Open your minds to Jesus Christ. With Christ in your heart, there is no place for demons to occupy.

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