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World Naked Bike Ride to hit Melbourne, CHILDREN encouraged to join this ‘family-friendly’, ‘all ages’ event.

On March 16 the World Naked Bike Ride is set to hit Melbourne for the 14th year in a row.

The event started off in 2006 with only 14 riders, however over recent years, hundreds of people have shown up to strip off and participate in the event.

According to one of the organisers, the idea behind the naked ride is to highlight blinding and vulnerability issues, protest car culture, and promote positive body image.

A statement on the event’s website explains: “Through our naked and highly visible presence on the streets of Melbourne, we aim to: Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists who appear blind to our presence; Protest against car culture; Promote positive body image for all.”

One might guess the organisers had to justify stripping off completely naked in public, so why not formulate a cliché mission statement about “positive body image” in an attempt to hide their perverted and irrelevant cause.

The ride goes from noon until approximately 4pm and stretches out over 10.5km, wrapping up with a big after-party at the Third Day North Bar in the city of Melbourne.

Organisers of the event have stipulated that a rider can be “as bare as you dare” but suggest participants bring swimmers or undergarments just in case.

“For the 2019 ride, we will be strongly suggesting that you carry with you on your bike a pair of bathers, underwear or similar small garment which you can change into if there is any trouble, not that we are expecting any,” the website states.

“We will have free A4 size plastic bags and ties in the staging area into which you can put your bathers or other small garment to attach to the frame or handlebar of the bike. Also, you can wear them at the end of the day while enjoying food or refreshments at the staging location,” they added.

Not only are the organisers encouraging complete adult nudity, but even children of “all ages” are encouraged to join this “family-friendly event.”

“Please note that no level of sexual activity is acceptable before, during or after the ride. We want this to remain a family friendly event,” the organisers stated. “We welcome all, male and female, and all ages to the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne 2019.”

Reading through the details, we can guess the event will potentially be four or more hours of men, women, and children completely NAKED, as they ride through the main city streets of Melbourne.

Normally, this sort of behaviour would not only be deemed socially unacceptable, but it would also be criminal and police could charge a person for such behaviour with wilful and obscene exposure or offensive conduct. But apparently, there is a double-standard.

Organisers have claimed there will be plenty of media coverage on the day, but will prohibit the general public from taking photos of the participants for privacy concerns. A suitable photo staging area will be set up where the riders can pose for photographs if they wish.

Sadly, our nation has blatantly rejected its Christian foundation, and consequently, we find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper into the morally bankrupt pit of relativism. Unfortunately, this sort of public debauchery can only be expected until we return to the Christian heritage that made the West the best.

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