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Woman sentenced to 20-years in prison for removing her Islamic headscarf in public

A 42-year old woman from Iran was reportedly sentenced to 20-years in prison after she removed her Islamic headscarf in public.

Shapark Shajarizadeh was arrested in February after footage was posted online, showing the woman protesting compulsory hijab laws. The video shows Ms Shajarizadeh standing on a traffic island in the Iranian capital Tehran waving around her headscarf.

The 42-year old was initially charged with “inciting corruption and prostitution,” but later released on bail after Amnesty reported on the incident.

In a video posted by Iranian activist Masih Alinejad, Ms Shajarizadeh said she’s be arrested at least three times already.

“I didn’t feel safe in Iran any longer. I left Iran. Presently, even my lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, is imprisoned. I heard that they’ve sentenced me to 20 years of prison. Due to the injustice of Iran’s judicial system, I had to leave Iran.”

Ms Shajarizadeh’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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