Channel 9 Deletes Report Suggesting the Queen Could Use Ivermectin for COVID Treatment, Implying The Drug Is Secretly Being Used In Hospitals

Senator Gerard Rennick claims a number of whistleblowers have told him Ivermectin is being used to treat Covid patients in Australian hospitals.

Australian news program A Current Affair appears to have removed a report suggesting Queen Elizabeth II could use Ivermectin as a form of treatment after she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The segment featured Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, a British-Australian medical doctor, who reportedly said the Queen could benefit from “new medicines” approved for the treatment of high-risk patients in Australian hospitals.

A clip from the report, which went viral across social media, shows the video then cut to a shot of “Stromectol,” which, according to the fine print on the box, contains 3mg of Ivermectin in each tablet.

Screenshot from the report showing Ivermectin.

Caldron Pool can confirm the full report was on the ACA’s Facebook page this morning but has since been removed.

“What does Channel 9 know that we don’t?” Senator Gerard Rennick asked on Facebook in response to the video.

“Is Ivermectin (Stromectol) pictured [in the report], being administered to Covid patients at Australian hospitals?”

Senator Rennick said, according to a number of whistleblowers, it is!

“The TGA and Health Departments have been caught out lying on so many occasions it would not surprise me,” he added.

UPDATE: Channel 9 has issued a statement of clarification saying the shot of Ivermectin was added due to “human error.”

“We were highlighting an approval infusion medication called Sotrovimab and the report accidentally cut to a shot of Stromectol – a product which contains Ivermectin,” a statement reads.

“As a program, we’ve done numerous stories highlighting the concerns around taking Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

“We did not indeed to suggest Dr Mukesh Hawikerwal endorsed Stromectol.

“We’ve apologised to him this morning and he has accepted that apology.

“We do not suggest the Queen is using Ivermectin,” they added.

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