UN Says International Men’s Day Is About Women

According to the United Nations, International Men’s Day is not about supporting men, but about men supporting women and gender equality.

It was International Men’s Day this week, but you probably wouldn’t know it. Men’s issues are not on-trend according to the current cultural zeitgeist, so raising awareness of these sorts of things isn’t exactly fashionable.

In fact, talking about men’s issues only runs the risk of undermining the prevailing narrative that everyone who is not a white male is the victim of their oppressive social influence and power.

While most organizations decided to completely ignore the day, the United Nations opted for an entirely different approach.

Rather than raising awareness about men’s issues, the U.N. decided to suggest International Men’s Day is actually about women.

That’s right! According to the United Nations, International Men’s Day is not about supporting men, but about men supporting women.

In a post on Twitter, the organization wrote: “Happy #InternationalMensDay to all the male allies around the world who support women, defy gender roles, fight gender-based violence & stand up for equality.”

The post went on to include a link to the UN Women website, along with an invitation that read: “UN Women invites everyone, everywhere, to support #GenerationEquality.”

By repurposing International Men’s Day, what is it that the United Nations has decided is a non-issue not worth our time or consideration? Here are just a few examples:

  • Almost 80% of suicides are men.
  • 85% of homeless people are men.
  • 79% of homicide victims are men.
  • 40% of domestic abuse victims are men.
  • Men are the majority of victims of violent crimes.
  • Men, on average, serve 64% longer prison sentences.
  • Men, on average, are 3.4 times more likely to be imprisoned than women when both are found guilty of committing the same offence.
  • 93% of workplace fatalities are men.
  • 17% of sexual assault victims are men.
  • One in six men have reported experiencing emotional abuse by a partner since the age of 15 years.
  • Men who enlist in the army must complete two years more than the minimum for women.
  • Only men are subject to conscription in numerous countries.
  • On average, men live about 6 years less than women.
  • Men are less likely to be insured than women.
  • Men have a higher mortality rate for most leading causes of death such as, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • One in two men will develop cancer. About 52 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day.
  • Men make half as many physician visits as women for preventive health.
  • Almost 50% of fathers without any visitation rights still financially support their children.
  • 97% of war fatalities are men.

When it comes to young boys:

  • Boys are five times more likely to end up in juvenile detention.
  • 85% grow up without a father.
  • Boys are four times more likely to commit suicide.
  • Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.
  • 70% of failed grades at school are boys.
  • Boys are 50% more likely to fail reading grades.
  • Boys are 50% more likely to be victims of violent crimes.

Thank you to the United Nations for once again demonstrating why the world would be a lot better off without you.

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