Why should you believe the Bible?

Why should you believe the Bible? It’s an important question, not only for those who don’t believe, but also for those who already do. It’s an important question because our culture is increasingly rejecting the Bible as the measure of truth and morality. As a result, our freedoms are eroding day by day. Relativism is now widely embraced in place of Christianity. That is, the philosophy that truth and morality are essentially defined by the biggest, noisiest, most vicious mob.

It’s time to return to our old paths. It’s time to embrace truth and morality as defined by the Bible, not politicians or special interest groups, not cultural Marxists, not LGBTQI activists, nor the PC police. In the following excerpt, Voddie Baucham explains why you should believe the Bible, and highlights the irrational notions held by those who choose to doubt.

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