When the Country Is Destabilized, Then the Crisis Will Come

Indeed, a kingdom divided cannot stand, but it’s also true that a public divided cannot resist. Those who want to conquer kingdoms divide power, but those who want to increase power over the public divide the people.

It was almost two decades ago that former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenoz, warned that a moment of crisis would follow efforts to undermine and destabilize the Western world.

Echoing Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu in The Art of War, Bezmenoz explained that the highest art of warfare is not fighting on a battlefield but subverting those things the enemy’s country values most. This includes moral tradition, religion, respect for authority, and culture.

According to Bezmenoz, the moral fiber of a nation can be severed by disturbing social harmony. This involves pitting offended minority groups against each other on the basis of ethnicity, age, religion, economic status, and in modern times, gender and orientation.

“It doesn’t matter” how you divide the community and what categories you can force people into, Bezmenoz said, just “as long as it disturbs society.”

It is then, Bezmenoz explained, that when everything of value is subverted, when the country is disorientated and confused, when it is demoralized and destabilized, that the crisis will come.

Bezmenoz doesn’t say what that crisis will be, only that efforts to divide a nation aren’t necessarily an end in themselves. It was Jesus who warned, in Matthew 12:25, that a kingdom divided cannot stand. It’s the old military strategy summed up in the maxim divide et impera, or as we say, “divide and conquer.”

Aesop’s fable, The Four Oxen and the Lion, tells the story of four oxen that would stand tail to tail whenever the lion appeared so that whichever way he approached them, the was met by the horns of one of them.

One day, the oxen began quarreling amongst themselves and each went off to a separate corner of the field. It was then that the lion struck, attacking the one by one until they were all devoured.

The moral of the story? United we stand, divided we fall.

Indeed, a kingdom divided cannot stand, but it’s also true that a public divided cannot resist. Those who want to conquer kingdoms divide power, but those who want to increase power over the public divide the people.

As Caldron Pool writer, Evelyn Rae, recently noted, even in the midst of a “pandemic” this social division is being pushed on the people.

Our communities have never been more divided. Segregation is pushed on the public by dividing people according to their sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age, and ideology. We’re encouraged to war against the other side, which we’re told threatens our very existence.

Now the government and elites are pouncing on the opportunity to push for another wedge governed by fear. The masked must look with suspicion on the unmasked, the vaccinated must look with suspicion on the unvaccinated – both pose a diabolical threat that must be confronted, or so we’re told.

How long will it be until we realise that our communities are being divided from without, and how much damage will be done before things begin to change? We need to revive that wild idea that not everyone we meet in our community is a threat and an enemy until proven otherwise.

Was it a sheer coincidence that the current global crisis hit following years of destabilizing leading nations in the free world? Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s just another wild conspiracy theory.

Then again, as documentary film producer Errol Webber recently said: “At this point, conspiracy theories might as well be called spoiler alerts.”

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