What to Make of Trump’s Position on Abortion

“Not without irony, the ‘most pro-life president ever,’ seems to believe the United States cannot be saved without child sacrifice.”

Donald Trump’s latest policy announcement rules out a federal abortion ban.

The November contender has sided with the Supreme Court’s ruling against Roe v. Wade and handed back legislative responsibility to the states.

It’s hard here not to concede Trump’s pulled off a political win on the abortion front.

The Democrats were gearing up to fight him tooth and nail on it.

Defusing them of abortion is a direct political hit on their perpetual grievance currency supply line.

This said, there’s no getting around the fact that Trump:

a) sees abortion as a necessary evil, in some cases.

b) is okay with abdicating any leadership on the industrial scale killing of the pre-born.

c) won’t offer fresh leadership on the rotting genocide, and eugenics issues, for self-serving reasons.

Trump told voters this week, he’s okay with abortion, as long as terminating life in the womb is an exception, not a rule.

Before the policy announcement, the former President – apparently looking for a softer landing – wrote on Truth Social, “Like Ronald Reagan before me, I, and most other Republicans, believe in EXCEPTIONS for Rape, Incest, and Life of the Mother.”

In the prelude, Trump paid tribute to the “great love and compassion” needed on the subject of human life.

“But,” he added, “at the same time we must use common sense in realizing that we have an obligation to the salvation of our Nation.”

The United States, he said, “is in serious decline.”

The way to reverse this is “to win elections. Without which we will have nothing other than failure, death, and destruction.”

Not without irony, the “most pro-life president ever,” seems to believe the United States cannot be saved without child sacrifice.

In fending off “failure, death and destruction,” Trump appears to be endorsing “failure, death, and destruction.”

Concern peaked, when, trailing the policy announcement, viral comments from the former president showed him condemning Arizona legislators for enacting a “near-total abortion ban.”

After having just distanced the federal from the state on abortion – Trump said Arizona went too far.

To this, he added, “That’ll be straightened out. As you know it’s all about state’s rights. I’m sure the governor and everybody else are going to bring [abortion] back into reason.”

This is all about “the will of the people,” Trump asserted.

Here, he was talking about the 52-year quest to correct Roe v Wade by disarming DC dictates, and handing the matter back to the states.

There was no clarification from Trump about, “that will be straightened out” or what he meant by “bringing Arizona’s abortion ban, back to reason.”

Disappointed, discerning voters weren’t without justifiable complaint.

Trump, in his official policy announcement, stated,

“You must follow your heart, or in many cases your religion or your faith. Do what’s right for your family and do what’s right for yourself.”

Responding, pro-life advocates, LifeNews boldly called for Trump to take a moral lead on the subject.

“Trump’s statement, while welcome in part, cedes the moral high ground when he says abortion is up to individuals.

“Either all life is ‘endowed by our Creator,’ or we are evolutionary accidents who can do what we want to each other,” they argued.

Trump’s appeal to moral relativism, lost him the moral argument in regards to the value of human life.

“If each pregnant woman gets to decide for herself (and a man has no legal say), then we are back at the pro-choice position.”

“If one has no right to be born, no other rights matter,” LifeNews continued.

“Abortion, like rampant crime and so many other cultural challenges that face us, is not the cause of our decadence, but a reflection of it.”

As bitter as Trump’s position on abortion is, for the majority of MAGA policy voters, his Reagan-esk position on abortion isn’t a deal breaker.

The boys from Daily Wire, Michael Knowles, and CEO Jeremy Boreing, summed up the sentiment:

Trump is still the pro-life movement’s best chance of advancement.

“Fight for every inch. Take every win you can. Beg God’s mercy for every compromise or defeat.”

‘Trump’s abortion remarks should be disqualifying. They are not,” asserted, the DW CEO.

“If democrats take uncontested control of the federal government, they will enshrine abortion in federal law – and to far more radical effect than even Roe permitted.

 “And so, Trump 2024. And God have mercy on our nation. We certainly don’t deserve it.”

Unimpressed, the Catholic Register, protested, Trump shifting pro-life towards the centre, means the pro-life movement has “lost it’s national (albeit fickle) standard-bearer heading onto the November election.”

Aware that abortion is (was) the Democrat’s main lead over another Trump administration, then CR rightly acknowledged,

“Abortion is the only high-ranking issue where [Trump] doesn’t have an edge over President Joe Biden in seven critical battleground states.”

Despite Trump’s hands-off abortion approach, CR concluded, the pro-life movement still needs him.

Illustrating the Protestant response, Douglas Wilson, asserted, “If Trump is elected again, the White House is going to have all kinds of personnel running around in there, – conventional pro-lifers, smashmouth incrementalists, and abolitionists.

“If Biden is re-elected—or re-preselected, whatever—how many pro-lifers of any stripe are going to be anywhere around? You guessed that correctly.”

In other words, despite his personal position, Trump is handing ordinary Americans the chance to take a stand against abortion.

Under Biden, they won’t get the fighting chance to do that.

William Wolfe, speaking through The Centre for Baptist Leadership, said CBL doesn’t endorse or oppose candidates for electoral office.

However, Wolfe said, we’ll speak “unapologetically to critical political and moral issues” of the day.

He thanked Trump for his previous pro-life policy achievements.

Wolfe then criticised the former president’s “pro-choice-lite” push for better poll positioning.

“The federal government of the United States has a biblically-mandated (Romans 13:1-7) and constitutionally-required role to play in defending the rights of the unborn.

“True biblical and political justice requires that we seek to secure the equal protection of preborn persons under the law in all fifty states of this nation and at the federal level,” Wolfe stated.

Notably, Megyn Kelly, who is never afraid of criticising Donald Trump, described the announcement as “Trump thinking strategically.”

I’d back that assessment.

Those who want to end the womb for a tomb culture, shouldn’t be surprised.

Trump is doing what’s politically convenient for his campaign – making the best deal possible.

That’s Trump.

Ethically, I think he’s abdicated responsibility on the important issue.

Morally, he’s on brand.

Politically, by ruling out a collective exorcism of state-sanctioned child sacrifice, he’s defanged the death cult.

This said, Trump’s pro-choice-lite posturing may not give Trump a return on his investment, or lack thereof.

It could be argued that by seemingly helping to dig the graves of unborn children for political gain, Trump is digging an even deeper grave for the United States too.

For even if fear dictates that landing on the left side of the abortion issue is essential to winning important elections, the truth is: Satan cannot cast out Satan. (Matt.12)

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