What is the value of a human being?

A Judeo-Christian value system is of infinite importance. That’s because the God-based value system renders human beings infinitely more valuable than any humanistic value system. As Dennis Prager points out, “once you get rid of Judeo-Christian values, there’s no reason for elevating human worth over that of animals.” If there is no God, human beings are ultimately no more valuable than the materials they’re composed of. But if we’re created in God’s image, then every individual human life has infinite value.

In the following video, Prager demonstrates how “our secular post-Judeo-Christian society has rendered human beings less significant than at any time in western history.” When a society denies the fact that man was created in God’s image, they have little justification for elevating man above the animals. This notion can have a devastating effect on a society. “The twentieth century showed vividly what happens to human worth when Judeo-Christian values are abandoned. Nazi Germany and the various Communist regimes all rejected Judeo-Christian values and ended up slaughtering the largest number of people in human history.”

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