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WATCH: Woman asks to pray for President Trump, then this happened

Mahalet was born in Ethiopia. Soon after her parents abandoned her. Mahalet lived as an impoverished orphan until, at the age of 11, she was adopted by a Christian family in Indiana.

On Friday, Turning Point USA brought Mahalet to the White House for the Young Black Leadership Summit.

After President Trump had finished his speech, Mahalet called out, “Let me pray for you.”

President Trump immediately stopped the music and brought the young, nervous woman up on stage.

“I’m not really good with prayers or anything like that,” she humbly said as she reached the presidential podium. “But I just want to say thank you, Mr President.”

Mahalet went on to urge her listeners to look to God instead of social media: “Look back to Jesus,” she said, “because Jesus saves and this country was founded upon, the constitution was built on, Godly principles and we’re going to fight for that.

“I just want to encourage you guys to pray every single day for this nation. I want you guys to pray, and pray, and pray.”


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