The Muzzled Majority Must Speak Up

“Since postmodernism has convinced generations that the highest ethical and moral good is individual happiness the majority have held their tongue and made allowances for the bizarre sexual proclivities of the few. Now the majority stays silent because they are scared to speak up.”

The loudest voices in most Western societies these days are trumpeting depravity as virtue and sexual immorality as heroism. Truth and reality are exchanged for lies and delusions, and we are told to agree or shut up lest we face vilification, cancellation, and prosecution.

The loud minority groups within the West are progressively tearing apart our nations bit by bit using the mouthpieces of a relatively few powerful and well-positioned people. They trumpet the marginal and pernicious ideologies of the LGBTQQIP2A+ as if they represent the sentiments of the majority.

On the contrary, the majority of humans do not actually believe that homosexuality is natural, right, and good for society. They do not believe that a man can become a woman, or believe a child should be taught how to perform sexual acts, or believe physically mutilating children and adults with drugs and surgeries is a good thing. How has this happened?

Since postmodernism has convinced generations that the highest ethical and moral good is individual happiness the majority have held their tongue and made allowances for the bizarre sexual proclivities of the few. Now the majority stays silent because they are scared to speak up.

The past ten years have revealed what happens when the majority is muzzled— society embraces just about anything. Therefore the responsibility for the plight of our nation lies squarely on the shoulders of the silent and soft majority. But there is hope: if our silence has brought us here, our voices can bring us back.

Cowered into Silence

In 2016-2017 while Australia was embroiled in the debate over the Marriage Equality Act, society as a whole needed to speak-up and reaffirm that marriage is between one man and one woman. The majority of Australian adults (including many homosexuals) believe that the best practice for society as a whole is for a child to be raised in a committed family unit (marriage) with a biological father, mother, and children. Nonetheless, they were persuaded to vote against their own beliefs regarding marriage.

The LGBTQ+ argued that individuals have the right to do what makes them happy, and a vote against the Marriage Equality Act meant you were seeking to deprive gays of their happiness. Though the muzzled-majority do not agree with the ideologies of the LGBTQ+ they are cowered into accepting it due to accusations of bigotry and explicit threats of punishment.

Regardless of the fact that the overwhelming majority of humans on this planet do not affirm that a man can become a woman they are being manipulated and pressured to do so. The muzzled-majority must agree with the demands of this alphabet mafia or be labelled a discriminating bigot and suffer the repercussions.

Take for example Senator Rice’s impassioned speech in the Victorian parliament claiming that the statement, transwomen are men, is absolutely a discriminatory statement. Gone are the days of “don’t ask, don’t tell” or “agree to disagree.” We must now wave the rainbow flag high—or else! An extreme response from a very mentally disturbed American trans TikToker activist Tara Jay threatens,

“If you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead. I dare you to try and stop me from going into the women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make.”

This man is threatening violence to anyone who would try and stop him or any other “transwoman” from gaining access to female-only spaces. Those who claim to be oppressed are becoming the oppressors. The progression is obvious: from toleration to acceptance, from acceptance to celebration, and from celebration to participation. Having a “red-light district” in the city is not good enough; LGBTQ+ activists want to paint the entire city red, and any resistance to this agenda warrants attack.

Everyone is Queer

After the homosexual community gained the right to be legally married the dominos began to fall at an alarming pace. With each year that passed it seemed that traditional moral values were being cast off in favour of all manner of self-centred sexual depravity.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous and disturbing lies that the LGBTQ+ activists are now promoting is that anyone and everyone might just be LGBTQ+. Have you explored your gender and sexuality? If not, how do you know for sure that you are not LGBTQ+? The British National Health Service in Brighton and Sussex University Hospital make the false claim in their “Gender and Sexual Diversities” article:

“Sex is attributed at birth by our visible bodily differences… Gender is cultural, socio-economic… Sexuality is who we are attract to romantically, physically, emotionally… Remember: all three categories can be subject to flux across a lifetime.”

This is absolutely absurd, but it does open a pathway for anyone, anytime to be convinced to join the LGBTQ+. Your transition or change is always laying dormant within you, all you need to do is explore it and embrace it. The LGBTQ+ are aggressively recruiting vulnerable and impressionable people to cast off the shackles of binary gender and heterosexuality.

Reports are now coming out with predictable, albeit startling, figures that over 20% of Generation Z are not heterosexual. Bonnie Phillips unpacks some of the data we now have,

“The percentage of Gen Z who are LGBTQ+ has nearly doubled since 2017, when only the leading edge of that generation — those born between 1997 and 1999 — had reached adulthood, according to Gallup. At that time, 10.5% of the small slice of Gen Z who were adults identified as LGBTQ+.

Targeting Children

How did they so effectively recruit people to join the LGBTQ+? By targeting children, adolescents, and the emotionally and mentally vulnerable. Dr. Sabra Katz-Wise in her article Gender fluidity: What it means and why support matters can give us some insight,

“For many people, gender identity and expression develop early and stay the same over time. For others, either one may change. While such changes can happen at any time during a person’s life, they’re more common during childhood and adolescence than later in adulthood.”

Dr Katz-Wise believes that gender is a moving spectrum and that it can change at any point in your life but especially when you are a child or adolescent. The false construction of gender fluidity and its prevalence to affect children and adolescents justifies their targeting of children, a demographic that is also considerably more vulnerable and easily influenced than adults.

The LGBTQ+ activists are actively teaching and encouraging children to engage in sexualised behaviours at a younger and younger age. Children who are struggling with depression and autism are pressured and manipulated by the LGBTQ+ in schools, on social media, by teachers, and by administration that the answer to all their problems may be sexual experimentation and chemical castration.

Gender affirming doctors are cutting off the healthy breasts of confused young women and drugging impressionable girls and boys. If gender is fluid and can change at any point in a person’s life why are the LGBTQ+ activists and their deranged doctors demanding that children be allowed to undergo irreversible medical treatments to permanently change their external gender characteristics?

Are we willing to allow irreparable damage to vulnerable people simply because we are afraid of the consequences of objecting? The longer the LGBTQ+ ideologues have free access to our homes, schools, and the microphone in the public square the rot and destruction of these lies will spread.

Speak Up!

How much longer will the silent majority submit to the LGBTQ+ muzzle? This minority group has been granted such power because the majority have remained silent, censored, and afraid of offending. How can we respond to the abusive rubbish being promoted by the LGBTQ+ ideologues and the alphabet mafia?

Firstly, in every sphere of our life—home, work, school, church—everywhere we hear someone promote lies, delusions, and depravity we have the power to speak up! Secondly, on every public platform where these lies are being purported as truth we can push back! We may not think of ourselves as a social warrior or enjoy arguing with people but we are all well within our right to simply say, “I disagree, that’s wrong!” This simple statement does not need any follow up, it is not violent or aggressive, it is not argumentative or combative.

It is absolutely imperative for the silent majority to rip off their muzzle and begin boldly and unapologetically speaking out against the lies of the LGBTQ+ ideologies. Lies are contagious and spread like cancer throughout society causing damage wherever they go. If we remain silent then we are part of the problem. Truth is even more contagious than lies. Join the chorus of truth-tellers. As a person hears truth it pulls at the threads of this web of lies and the whole web begins to fall apart. Truth boldly proclaimed strengthens and encourages the fearful to take a stand and speak out.

Our silence may have gotten us into this mess, but together our voices of truth will bring us back!

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