WATCH: Victorian Police Handcuff and Arrest Terrified Grandmother

As the elderly woman recounted the arrest, she broke down, collapsing on the grass in tears.

A disturbing video has emerged of Victorian Police handcuffing and arresting a grandmother during Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest at a park in Elsternwick, Melbourne.

The footage shows the 69-year-old woman, who was at the rally with her dog, filming the arrest of a female protester as an officer approached. The grandmother then attempted to flee but was promptly grabbed by a group of about six nearby police.

The woman became hysterical as officers took her phone and placed her in handcuffs before leading her away and charging her with venturing more than 5km from her address and resisting arrest.

Following her release, the elderly woman said: “I was hysterical. I’ve just never been treated like this before, ever by the police. Our police, that we pay money. Our taxpayer’s money pay for them to arrest a 69-year-old woman with four children and six grandchildren.

“I’ve never done anything wrong in my life,” she added. “What is going on? And there’s six of them, onto me – a 69-year-old woman. It’s cruel.”

As the elderly woman recounted the arrest, she broke down, collapsing on the grass in tears.

Federal MP Craig Kelly shared the video on his Facebook page saying: “Many will find the degree of distress that this grandmother experienced in itself highly distressing.

“But if you are both a sociopath and psychopath and share #I’mWithDan and you love big authoritarian government, you’ll probably get some twisted pleasure from this – and you’ll selfishly delude yourself this [is] ‘keeping YOU safe.’”


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