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WATCH: UK man arrested and held for five weeks after painting ‘Islam is questionable’ on his own house

Police in Scotland have arrested a man for painting “Islam is questionable” on his own house.

Arresting officers accused Graham Evans of “breach of peace” after the Edinburgh man painted “alarming” and “distressing” phrases on his own property, such as: “Islam is questionable”, “Leave Means Leave” and “Brexit”.

Mr Evans was reportedly held by police for five weeks until his trial, where the judge ruled Evans had broken no law in exercising his free speech.

Speaking with Kipper Central, Mr Evans said: “I was completely shocked when Police car after Police car pulled up. They had a big meeting in the street then marched over to arrest me.

“There was no option given for me to paint over my words. They had been sent by the Inspector in charge at Dunfermline Police Station with orders to arrest me and bring me in.

“The whole experience left me shocked and even more worried about the state our once great democratic nation is getting in,” Mr Evans went on to say.

After his release, Evans uploaded footage of his arrest on Facebook. The video can be viewed below:

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