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Company behind LGBTQI Islamic hijabs to be worn at Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras says, most Muslims support LGBTQI

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney’s 40th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will feature a “new fashion trend among the glitter and the sequins: the rainbow hijab.” The “Pride Scarfs” hijabs are produced by MOGA, a Muslim-owned,  LGBTQI-friendly, fashion label for Islamic headscarves and shawls.

Azahn Munas, the creative director of the Melbourne-based company, was quoted as saying, “Our fans range from trendy Muslim ‘hijabsters’ to festivalgoers to drag queens… We really weren’t sure how the religious community would react because we thought a lot of Muslims were intolerant to the gay and lesbian community. But we learnt this is a bit of a misconception – many of my friends in the Islamic community have LGBTQI friends or are LGBTQI themselves.”

I suppose every religion attracts those who are utterly ignorant of what their faith actually teaches. Islam, evidently, is no different. You know, there’s a reason why these head scarfs aren’t sported in Saudi Arabia…

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