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WATCH: South Park mocks biological males competing in women’s sports

A recent episode of South Park has taken a swipe at biological males competing in women’s sports following a spate of news stories showing trans athletes dominating women’s only competitions.

The episode, titled ‘Board Girls’, revolves around South Park Elementary’s Vice-Principal, “Strong Woman”, and her entry into the Strongwoman Competition.

During the episode, “Strong Woman” is introduced to her competitor, former WWF wrestler Randy Savage, whose character started identifying as a female two weeks before the event started.

“Now that I can compete as female, I’m ready to smash the other girls,” the character says.

The issue has made headlines in recent months, after a number of young female athletes, with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights after they were sidelined by two biological males who scored the qualifying places in a women’s only 55-meter track event.


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