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WATCH: Pregnant Woman Charged After Defending Herself with Firearm

A white husband and his pregnant wife have been charged with assault after a confrontation with a black woman and her daughters went viral on social media.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Jillian and Eric Wuestenberg were leaving a Chipotle restaurant on Wednesday when the pregnant woman allegedly bumped into the black woman’s 15-year-old daughter.

The mother of the girl accused Jillian of racism and demanded an immediate apology from the woman for “violating” her daughter.

The video begins with Jillian attempting to deescalate the situation, however, the mother and her daughters continue to berate and intimidate the couple, calling Jillian a “dumbass bitch” and threatening her husband, Eric, saying: “If you say something I’ll beat your white ass too.”

The mother of the teen then attempts to provoke Eric, saying: “Please, put your mother f**king hands on me.”

“Do something! Do something!” her daughter repeatedly yells at him.

As the couple begin to leave, Jillian says to the black woman: “You can’t go around calling white people racist… White people aren’t racist. No one’s racist. I care about you. I care about you and I’m sorry if you’ve had an incident that has made you feel like that. No one is racist. I’m sorry if you’ve had something like that happen to you.”

As the couple proceeded to back out of their parking space, the black woman allegedly rushed behind the SUV to block them and then accuse them of “trying to hit her.”

As the black woman pounded on the vehicle and continued with the threats, Jillian got out of the car and pulled her firearm. According to some reports, Eric also briefly exited the vehicle with a firearm.

“Get the f**k away!” Jillian yelled. “Back the f**k up!”

When police eventually arrived Jillian was handcuffed and her weapon confiscated by officers.

The Detroit News reported that the white couple were each charged with one count of felonious assault, a four-year felony.

“As part of the bond conditions, they must turn over all firearms, not engage in any assaultive behavior, and may not leave the state,” the sheriff’s officials said.

“Let’s have a little more tolerance for each other and not be so quick to react,” Bouchard said. “If someone is doing something improper or unfair, I tell my family and friends to look away. This is not the moment to plant your flag.”

Oakland County Executive David Coulter said the pregnant woman’s actions were unacceptable.

“I am deeply disturbed by an incident last night where a woman pointed a cocked gun at another woman during an argument,” Coulter said in a statement Thursday. “This behavior is unacceptable. I wholly expect the prosecutor to bring charges that reflect the severity of the incident.”

Eric was also fired from his job at Oakland University following the altercation.

Although the initial moments weren’t captured on video, much of the incident can be viewed below. Watch the full three minutes and judge for yourself. Was this pregnant woman unjustified in pulling her firearm in self-defence? Or are the police simply using this situation as an opportunity to virtue signal?


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