Jeff Durbin: Socialism is Theft

In the following message, Jeff Durbin speaks on what the Bible has to say about socialism, taxation, and Biblical economics.

What are some consequences of rejecting God’s commands and the biblical worldview? Overblown taxation, a broken system, too much government. What does God say in 1 Samuel 8?

“I’ll give them a king and he’s going to take your kids to war… When I punish a nation I’m going to give them a king to punish them that will tax them at 10 per cent.”

That’s God’s judgement on a nation. What’s that mean? The state is going to have so much nerve and gall that they’re going to think that they deserve the same amount as the tithe.

God calls two organisations to actually be allowed to have a right to some of your income. Worship in the church, tithe, 10 per cent. And the state is worthy under God to receive taxes, but only in a righteous way.

And in 1 Samuel 8 it says that when God judges a nation, the state is actually going to want what God gets. Where are we at today? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 per cent?

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